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Earliest Crossdressing Memory

February 29, 2012

I do not believe that this memory has anything to do with the rest of my crossdressing story. It is simply a memory of a kid being a kid. However, since it is my first memory, I will start here. I have this very faint memory of standing on a cushioned chair with thigh high stockings on. I was no taller than the back of the chair. I assume I was between two and four years old. The stockings were no doubt sitting on my feet. How could they stay up? My brother and my dad were in the room and they were laughing. I remember one of them saying, “You sure are sexy!” This is such an old and faint memory that I doubt its accuracy. How could a child that young know the word “sexy”? In any case, this is my memory. I do not remember enjoying wearing the clothes. I was just doing what kids do. I have other memories of wearing mom’s curlers and her shoes. But I also remember wearing my dad’s shoes. I additionally remember seeing my children wear my wife’s and my shoes. It is just part of childhood. This experience did not start me on the road to crossdressing. Technically however, it is my first outing!


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