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The Desire to Go Outside

March 6, 2012

As I got older, my family started leaving me at home alone.  Suddenly, I had the house to myself and no one to keep me from trying on clothes.  I would occasionally have the opportunity to crossdress and roam the house.  I started to desire to go outside.  Our neighbors live close enough that they would be able to see me in the daylight.  One night I crossed the next line.  I went out into the yard.

Let me apologize that I cannot remember any details.  Although I do remember going outside several times like this, I do not remember which was my first time.  I believe on my earlier outings I only wore pantyhose and shorts or something modest like that.  Eventually, I did go out in all women’s clothes including a dress.  Those were the good old days when my mom’s or my sister’s shoes would fit me.

No one ever saw me as far as I know.  I walked one lap around the house and went back in shaking in my nerves.  Why did I want to do it?  I blame the natural progression of crossdressing.  I chose to do it, but the desire to crossdress progressed to the desire to fully dress outside.


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