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My First Shopping Experience

March 11, 2012

 College was over. I moved back in with my parents (as if I ever really left).  I was working a big boy job.  On my way home from work one day, I started thinking about going to a grocery store and buying myself some pantyhose.  My first pair that belonged to me.  My first brand new pair of pantyhose.  I got so nervous just thinking about it that I got the shakes and my teeth started literally chattering.  I was shivering like I was cold, but sweat was trickling out from under my arms and running down my sides.

I argued back and forth with myself.  I decided to do it and I decided to not do it.  Eventually, I got close to the store I was considering.  I committed to do it.  I had calmed down a lot.  I pulled into the store.  I walked inside.

At this point, let me say that I have read where other men started their crossdressing shopping just like I did.  I did what a lot of us do.   I went to the store with the strategy of hiding my purchase by putting it into a basket of other man items.  I decided to scout out the store first.  I went through every aisle to make sure that no one I know was there.  I ran into my 10th grade English/Literature teacher.  I saw someone else I knew but I have forgotten who it was since then.  I walked around that store for up to an hour.  After I was confident that everyone I knew had left the store, I set to shopping.  (LOL)

I bought peanuts, and other manly items.  I tried to buy things that I would actually used or consume.  Eventually, I walked by the pantyhose rack.  I think I walked by that rack ten or twenty times.  I finally picked something and put it into my cart.  I carefully selected a cashier who I felt would not pay me any attention.  Of course, she paid me no attention.  I was customer 1000 and 1 for her.  She checked me out, I paid her, and I left.

I had done it.  I had bought my first pair of pantyhose!  …and some toilet paper, and some peanuts, etc.  I think those first pantyhose cost me 30 dollars or more.  It might have also cost me a year of two of life from the fear and stress it caused!

In the years that followed, I went to the grocery store to buy pantyhose many other times.  I eventually got to where I would go in, carry the package in my hand to the cashier, and buy them.  It is not a big deal.  Instead of them thinking I was a weirdo, I was commended sometimes on how I was so nice to buy hose for my wife.  Once, I was teased by a young female cashier who jokingly asked me if I had a big night on the town planned?  I am confident that she did not think they were for me.  Boy, was she wrong! 


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