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My Earliest Outings

March 14, 2012

My earliest outings were rather close to home.  By this point, my crossdressing, consisted mostly of me putting on pantyhose.  Up to this point, my only outings were when I had gone outside of the house  at night and walked around in shorts and hose.  I started thinking, what if I wore nude pantyhose with shorts and went for a walk/run around the neighborhood?

So I eventually got up the nerve and I did it.  It was summertime in the twilight hours of the evening.  I was home alone and I got dressed for my run and went out.  I jogged in order to make myself harder to see.  I started walking when the coast was clear.  I was out, away from home, and I was wearing pantyhose where they could be seen.  It was delightful!  (I don’t know why it was delightful.  Women do this all the time and hate it…..)  I noticed some guy working in his yard, I panicked.  I started running.  I didn’t want him to see me from 50 yards away and see my nude pantyhosed legs!  I say this sarcastically, because I have had sales ladies in shoe stores not notice that I had hose on while I was trying on the shoes they gave me.

I started having walk/run outtings occasionally when it was possible.  I stopped panicking.  I normally walked after dark.  Sometimes I would pass an unknown neighbor and say hello.

One evening while walking, I came upon a girl my age and her mother.  We all knew each other.  I had dated the girl in high school and had a light relationship with her.  We were not all that right for each other, but we had a nice time together and it ended peacefully (with her going away for college).  There I was in Leggs Sheer Resilience nude pantyhose (I do not know why I remember the brand.  We walked along in the dark with no signs that they noticed anything.  There were occasional outside lights that illuminated us a good bit, but we were all facing forward.  Once I thought I saw the mother glance at my legs, but I saw no other sign of interest.  I don’t think she saw anything.  Well, trying to play cupid, I think, the mother decided to stop walking and let us continue without her.  The two of us walked at least two more laps (~1 mile).  I considered mentioning it.  I have pondered what would have happened if I had of told her.  I might have had a buddy to walk with many times while wearing.  Or, maybe she would have told a couple people who would have told a lot of people.  I did not tell her and against her mother’s hopes, I did not start back dating or marrying her daughter.

One other time I was walking, that friend I used to sing with about pantyhose was driving by and stopped to chat.  He was in his car and I was standing.  It was dark and he could not see anything.  I caught myself at one point adjusting my pantyhose while stooped by his car window.  Fortunately, he did not notice.

Lastly, one evening I was home alone.  I tried on some black opaque tights I had bought.  I later took them off and put on nude hose so I could go for a walk.  While I was out walking, a family member came over with their children.  They were in the house.  The tights were on my bed!  They had come over so one of the kids could use my computer.  I ran to a dark place, ripped the pantyhose up close to the panty section.  I took off my shoes and socks and removed the legs of the hose.  I put on my shoes and socks and ran back home.  They knew something was odd because I wasn’t really dressed for running.  When they were out of my room, I put the tights away.  They were sitting out in such a way that they had to look like tights.  They never said anything to me about it and it has not come up since.

That’s all I have got to say about that. 


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