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First Time Seen Wearing

March 17, 2012

This is the story of the first time someone saw me wearing feminine clothes and knew that is what I was doing. I did some work in another town. I was driving home one day and noticed a lingerie shop. I decided to stop in and look around. It was a scary thing to do, but I was far from home. The store had what I will call costume lingerie. These were undergarments, etc. that a woman would not wear in a normal day, but she might wear it for an intimate encounter. The store did not have all the raunchy items that some stores have. It was a decent place, I suppose. Anyhow, I saw that they had “Man-T-hose”. I had seen this product before in the mall at Spencers. They are pantyhose made for men.
I was driving home a different day and stopped in the store again. I had decided to buy a pair of the Man-T-hose and then ask if I could try them on.
The owner of the store was not working. Her mother-in-law was filling in. I looked around while trying to drum up some confidence. I bought the Man-T-Hose and asked if it would be OK if I tried them on. Of course she said yes. I went into the changing room and started undressing and pulling the product out of the package. That was when I learned that Man-T-Hose has what I will call a third leg. There was a little red heart sewn onto the end of the third leg. I gather that these were not intended to be worn with underpants. This brand of hose is rather low quality.
I put on the hose and put my short pants back on. I walked out. The woman saw me. She was the first person who ever saw me dressed like this and knew it! She seemed non-enthusiastic. She was just filling in and this might have been a first for her as well. I asked her if they were very obvious or some questions like that. Then I went back into the dressing room and took them off. I went home and on the way home, I threw the hose away. I was still living with my parents at this point and I did not have a stash of clothes hidden anywhere. This kind of buy and trash thing happens a lot in the early stages of crossdressing.
I started thinking and realized that I could have worn those hose out of that store and walked next door to the grocery store and gone in. No one would have noticed. It isn’t that obvious, and furthermore, if someone saw me, they would not know me and they wouldn’t say anything to me. The appropriate protocol for seeing someone dressed in an unusual way is to look at them and then go on with your life. I realized that I could have had a much more significant outing. But that did not come for a couple years.


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