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Entering the Dressing Room

March 20, 2012

So, I started feeling braver and began going shopping.  I would play dumb and ask questions and buy pantyhose in the mall.  I think I bought some panties this way.  I didn’t own any other femme clothes.  When I bought anything, I gave no indication that I was shopping for me.  I would try not to lie, but I would also try to cause the salesperson to think I was shopping for someone else.

One day, I went to a town about an hour away from home to go shopping.  I went into a store and talked with the sales lady about some clothes.  I was vague so that it was possible I was shopping for someone else.  Eventually, I came back near the lady.  I asked another couple questions.  She was kind and helpful.  Then I got brave and asked, “Do you allow men to try clothes on?”  I expected a stunned response with some thinking before the answer.  But what I got was an immediate, “Oh, sure.”  I think I picked up on some transition in her mind that maybe she did not already assume I was shopping for myself.

I took some clothes into the dressing room.  Another sales lady got involved.  They blew my mind by bringing other clothes for me to try on.  I opened the door and let them see me in the skirt and blouse they brought me.  I did not dare step out of the dressing room.

Over the years since, I went from the nervous, “Do you allow men to try on clothes?” to “Can I try this on?” to “I’m trying to find a dress for me…” which normally ends up with me trying it on because that’s how you shop for clothes.

Only a couple times was I ever refused access to the dressing room.  Some stores had a women-only dressing room policy.  But almost every store allowed me to try on clothes.  Furthermore, normally there was the same enthusiasm from the sales person that any female customer would receive.  They normally bring additional clothes to try.  Even in the stores where the dressing room was for women only, the clerks were friendly and helpful.

I have had a few clerks that I could tell that they were uncomfortable with me shopping for myself.  But even they were kind.  Normally, I gave them space and did not bother them much.

Eventually, I became brave enough to walk out of the dressing room and even shop while wearing the outfit, but that’s a topic for a different post!

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  1. I wonder if some sales folks wonder if men will be less picky than women and more prone to make more expensive purchases?

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