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My First En Femme Costume

March 22, 2012

One day, a person I know asked me to participate in a dress up event.  It was quite unexpected.  My friend jokingly asked me to dress as a female.  I jumped on that very quickly.  I think if I had not accepted quickly, he would have changed it to some other costume.  I hope I did not seem too eager.

I had to work on my costume.  There was a woman at work who I thought might be able to help me.  I asked her if I could borrow a dress.  She agreed.  I went to a store and said, I needed pantyhose for a costume.  I think this was the first time I ever confessed that I was shopping for myself.  It was great!

I went to my girlfriend’s house.  She knew that I was going to do the costume thing.  She did not know I had most of it assembled.  I went to her house and asked if I could use her restroom.  I went in and changed into the hose and dress.  I came out of the bathroom.  She was doing something and didn’t pay me any attention.  I went to the table and sat down.  Eventually, she looked at me.  There I was, for the first time, in pantyhose and a dress in front of someone who knows me!  She laughed.  We laughed about how long it took her to notice.  Then I took off the clothes.

Later, my girlfriend helped me shop for some men’s shoes that were androgynous enough that I could wear them for the dress up event, but still be able to use them as a guy after the dress up event.  We also went to a wig shop and bought a bad, but sufficient wig.

As the time approached, my mom helped me with a bra (and stuffing), a slip, and some other minor traits.  I ended up dressing in front of my mom a few times.  She got tickled one time and laughed more than I think I have ever seen her laugh.  It was not a mean laugh.  I did not like the pantyhose I had bought, and I mentioned it to mom.  Somehow, that ended up with me trying on several pairs of her pantyhose.

Eventually, the day of the event came.  My girlfriend went with me.  She did my makeup and helped me with what she could of the costume.  I shaved my legs from the knees down.  I wish I had shaved them completely.  I dressed and came out of the bathroom and was seen by the other people dressing up and my friend’s wife.  Then we all went to the place.  There were tons of people there.  Almost all of the people were not part of the dress up event.  It was VERY stressful to be seen by people who were pointing and laughing.  But many more people were not noticing or disinterested.  I saw the ones who reacted and it was hard.  Panic started to set in and I wanted to run.  This was a major outing.  I looked OK, but I am way too tall to be a woman.  I held my nerves together and we got to where we needed to be.  I could have moved around, but instead, I parked myself in one spot and tried to relax.

It was a fun event.  It was stressful.  I did it!  I dressed up and it was not sexual and I was not being weird.  People saw me and still treated me with respect.  I had a purpose.  It was OK for me to be dressed. This is how I wish every dressing opportunity could be.

Afterward, I returned the dress to my co-worker and showed the pictures to her and my other co-workers.  I returned the bra and slip to my mother.  I kept the men’s shoes (and wore them for years to work).  I still had the pantyhose.  I later mentioned to my mom that I liked the fabric and that I had tried them on again.  She had an uncomfortable sort of response.  Eventually, I gave the pantyhose to her to wear since I had no need for them.

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