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First Major Non-Costume Outing

March 29, 2012

At this point in my life, I started having to commute an hour several times a week.  This was a good, adventurous time in my life.  I was making big choices and had the freedom to follow through.  However, I was staring to crossdress again after my attempt to stop.

Eventually, I stopped at a lingerie shop about half way between home and my destination.  It was a tasteful type of shop.  (I say that because I have found that some lingerie shops are raunchy and have “toys”, etc.  I don’t want to associate myself with that.)  I know I stopped there several times, but I do not remember all of the details about these stops.  Eventually, I told them that I was shopping for myself.  I remember buying pantyhose there on a couple occasions.  They had Oroblu brand, which I had never tried before.  They were nice, but Oroblu were not made for someone as tall as me.  They were slightly too short.  I also remember trying on a dress there once and letting the sales clerk see me.

At various times in my crossdressing experience, I have gotten an idea.  I start imagining how to play out the idea.  I plan and consider.  These ideas are new, daring things I can try.  Perhaps, they are new, stupid things I can try.  Anyhow, I decided I would go to that store, buy some pantyhose, and wear them out of the store under my shorts (and hairy legs).

I bought some Oroblu hose that were the same color as my skin.  I asked if I could go put them on.  I walked out of the dressing room.  I was VERY nervous.  The sales clerks acted like it was no big deal.  I said that I was considering going out of the store wearing the hose.  She said that she could hardly tell that I had them on.  I eventually gathered up my courage and exited the store.

I crossed the parking lot to my car while an occupied car waited for me to cross in front of them.  It was so sunny.  I felt like I was shining like chrome.  No obvious reactions.  I drove to a department store.  I walked in feeling very obvious.  I was so tense.  No one was around to see me.  I walked in between the racks of clothes to hide.  I calmed down.

I went to the hosiery section and said that I would like to buy some pantyhose.  Eventually, I told her they were for me.  Why hide?  It was obvious I wore hose, I had some on!  She acted slightly surprised.  She did not assume a man buying pantyhose was buying for himself.  She asked me if I played (American) football because she had heard that football players sometimes wore hose under their uniform.  I told her no, I just like them.  She nonchalantly started helping me.  She was friendly and enthusiastic.  She did not act like she thought I was weird.  After a while of talking with her, I asked her if she noticed that I had hose on.  She did not.  She continued to help me and I bought a pair of hose.  I bought my first pair of hose while wearing hose.  (Just an aside, but weeks later, I went back to this store and this clerk smiled at me and said, “Extra large hose, right?”)

I left that section and walked around some more in the store.  I walked out into the aisle.  No one was nearby.  No one looked my way.  I felt like a bird flying because of the freedom!  No one paid me attention because everyone was about their own business.  No one in the store was “people watching”.  I did not look obviously unusual.  I built up more courage and walked the aisles of the store.  It was a non-event.  It felt so great to be out and freely wearing!

I left the department store and went to a grocery store.  It was busy and there were no clothing racks to hide in.  Everyone was on their missions and not watching other customers.  Only one customer paid me any attention.  He was in a wheelchair.  He stopped and watched me go by.  He had on sunglasses, but I am pretty sure he noticed my legs.  I went to the checkout line to pay for something.  I was behind a couple people so we all stood there.  When I finally got to where I could pay, I was standing between the cashier who took my money and another cashier.  I felt like they noticed because they both acted oddly.  They seemed uncomfortable.  I do not know whether my cashier could have possibly seen my legs due to the conveyor belt between us.

I went back to the original store and asked if I could use a changing room to take off the hose.  I did and that ended my first public outing in shorts and pantyhose.


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