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No Socks At Work

April 8, 2012

Sometimes, the urge to crossdress pushes me to make some stupid decisions.  But, what’s the worst that could happen???

One day, while I was “underdressing” at work, I got the idea to take off my socks and just wear my slip-on dress shoes with my skin-colored hose.  I did it and I was SO nervous.  I walked around in the cubicle area just knowing that any moment, someone was going to notice.  It was very stressful.  It lasted a total of 10 minutes.  Of course, no one noticed.  I think the worst that could have realistically happened was that someone would see my bare ankles under my long pants and ask me why I didn’t wear socks.  I would have said something quick and exited that conversation.  Then I would have put my socks back on.

It was a risky and stupid thing to do.  If a man does not want his crossdressing to be known by his peers, he should not crossdress around his peers.  That is a simple starting point.  I took a risk that could have (small likelihood) exposed me.  If I do not want the exposure, I should keep my socks on!

Let’s take it another level.  The absolute worst that could happen is that my peers could know that I wore pantyhose one day to work.  Then the next day, when I would go to work, I would still have to do my job and people would deal with it.  They dealt with the guy who always happens to be a female for the Halloween costume contest each year… they would cope with the truth about me just fine.


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  1. I underdress almost every day. There have been times when I have given in to the urge to remove my guy socks. I understand the feelings you are describing. It is now late on a Friday afternoon and this post has inspired me to remove my socks and work the rest of the day and then drive home with ankles sporting nude pantyhose.

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