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Confession #3

April 10, 2012

In a previous post, I told the story of my first confession to someone that I was a crossdresser.  I told a high school girlfriend.  After we broke up, I realized that I had given that, now angry, girl a powerful piece of information about me.  I realized that I should be more careful to whom I tell my secret.

Later in life I had told my sister about this side of my life.

Well, I had a new girlfriend.  I wanted to marry her.  I did not want to propose to her without letting her know the whole truth about me.  I sat her down one night and told her the truth.

At that point in my life, I had purged and I had told my sister and she was being my accountability to help me resist my cravings to dress up and gratify myself.  Therefore, the truth that I told my girlfriend was that I have these cravings, but I have stopped.  Unfortunately, giving up this stuff is kind of like giving up eating.  There are powerful forces that demand action.  I believe the more appropriate thing I should have told her is that I am this way, I am resisting it today, but I will always be this way and I will probably give in again.

Indeed, I have stopped crossdressing several times since then.  Each time, I meant it.  Each time I failed to stop permanently.

She was not supportive or pleased that her boyfriend was a crossdresser.  By this point in our relationship, she loved ME.  She did not love some fantasy she had of me, but she chose me with my imperfections.  So, although she would rather have a man with a quirk toward being an occasional lumberjack rather than toward skirts and heels, she stuck with me.  Later when the crossdressing returned, she was non-supportive, but she tolerated it since it was kind of out of her hands.  She married me and has stuck with me through the crossdressing and also through the hard stuff that is common to all marriages.

Over the years, I have read where many crossdressing men described their wives just like I would describe my wife.  She does not like it.  She does not want to know about it.  She even resists it sometimes.  She does not want our kids to know about it.  She does not want anyone to know about it.  But, she is glad that I don’t have some bad tendency toward drugs or cheating on her or worse.  There have been a few times when she has enjoyed it (costume).  But mostly, she tolerates it.  Also, she has taken advantage of the ability she has to borrow my pantyhose when she is out of them.

I have worn stuff while with her, but I will save those stories for future posts.


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