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Wearing Around My Wife

April 14, 2012

Once I was married, crossdressing had a different environment.  I now lived with only one person and she knew I liked to wear pantyhose.  However, she did not love it.  I did not have to live in absolute secrecy.  I could keep my hose in my underwear drawer.

I have mentioned in my previous post that my wife had me wear pantyhose for a week so that I would grow to hate them.  I also mentioned that I went out to the mailbox in her sweater and long skirt.  In this post, I want to mention a few of the other times that I dressed around my wife that seem significant.  I plan on giving a complete post to some of the more significant events.

Early in our marriage, my wife and I made an arrangement.  I could wear whatever I wanted while I cleaned the bathroom.  I suppose this was a win-win.  It was exciting and fun at first.  However, after not very much time, the novelty wore off.  I was in a tiny bathroom in a skirt and heels trying to scrub soap scum out of my bathtub floor.  Maybe if the bathroom was bigger, it would have been better.  Somehow, this system we had died off.  I remember one night I was wearing a skirt (always without wig or makeup) and helping her move some furniture and she became emotionally different.  I tried to get her to open up to me.  Finally she did.  She was uncomfortable with me being dressed (in general and also specifically right then).  Anyhow, the bathroom cleaning deal eventually diminished and went away.

One halloween, my wife suggested that I dress up like Peter Pan or Robin Hood so that I could wear tights.  That was the first time she had ever suggested that I wear something.  It did not work out, but it was a first!

There have been evenings over the years that I have put on all women’s clothes that were rather androgynous  (shorts, hose/slacks, keds, shirt).  She was awkward about it many of the times.  Her comments to me were that dressed like a grand mother.  I need to post about this independently…

During the winter, I tend to keep my legs shaved.  One evening, we were both working out in the garage.  I was wearing hose with shorts.  Except for the hose, my clothes were menswear.  She became weird about it because my legs looked too feminine and she did not want me to look feminine.  This night, my shorts were not my normal men’s cargo shorts that come to my knee.  These were athletic shorts that showed more leg (not spandex shorts).

There have been a few times when we have been out on a trip that I have worn shorts and hose (shaved legs).  I plan on posting about these adventures.  But on those trips, my wife got to be out in public with me and see the world react.  She commented that it didn’t seem so bad and that she was glad that I did NOT have temptations toward cheating on her, or men, or children, etc.  She started to feel like my interest in hose was not horrible.  It is just fabric.  Now, don’t get me wrong, she still dislikes it.  But she respected me about it more that day.


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  1. My wife has a similar feeling. She does not like it but has come to tolerate my wearing pantyhose and other women’s attire as taking some of the ‘for worse’ with a lot of the ‘for better’. We have been happily married over 4 decades.
    When the kids were home she would sometimes wish that she had a spare wife. After we had the house to herself I volunteered to be that spare wife. I have dressed in heels and hose to wash the walls and vacuum the floors. Most of what I have been doing the past several years is dressing to cook and prepare meals. She has problems cutting vegtables and meat. THe spare wife, often in heels and a dress or a skirt and blouse, sometimes with makeup and a wig, more often with just my man head, will be trimming and cubing meat or dicing and slicing veggies. When the meal is ready I will be dressed for dinner and she will mostly be in her regular casual slacks, jeans or stretch pants and a tshirt or sweater. It seems to work out more or less.
    While I am very often in hose around the house she pulls the shades closed and lives in fear that someone may find out that I am a ‘CD’.

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