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In All Female Androgynous Clothes At The Mall

April 25, 2012

I moved to a new city.  I did not know anyone there.  I found a Salvation Army store that was far enough from home to feel safe shopping in.  I found me some clothes that fit me sufficiently well.  Since I have never been interested in being a girl, I was pleased to find women’s wear that I could wear as a man and not look unusual.  Since I was living around 100% strangers, I went to a mall near my house dressed in all women’s clothes.  No one knew.

I was wearing a white blouse, khaki pants, black ladies belt, nude pantyhose, and some fake Keds.  (“Keds”, to me, are a white, canvas, casual shoe.)  I was very nervous to wear that in public.  I was even more nervous to wear it around such a large number of people.  The mall was crowded that day.  However, no one noticed.  The clothes were not conspicuous.  I was as disinteresting as if I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt from my men’s clothing.

In retrospect, it was not smart of me to go to the mall that close to home while crossdressed.  I would eventually get to know people near my home.  It would be undesirable for someone to eventually recognize me as “that guy I saw that day.”

The thing that made me the most nervous was a previous experience in Keds.  Once, I had gone out in long men’s pants, hose, and Keds to the grocery.  I thought I had noticed two separate women look at my shoes when on that outing.  If anyone noticed my outfit in the mall on this outing, they were discrete.  I walked though the mall for at least 30 minutes that day dressed in all women’s wear in public.  It was pleasant and inspiring and I was OK.  It would not be the last time I went out in public, and it would not be the most obvious time.


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