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Pantyhose and Shorts at the Mall

April 27, 2012

My wife and I were living rather far away from our families and anyone we would have known from childhood, school, etc.  That can give a crossdresser a whole new realm of opportunity.  We lived in a rather densely populated area.  There were nearby towns that had malls.  I discovered that I could drive an hour away from home and go to a mall where no one from my town would go because there were several nice malls that were closer.  In other words, I found a really safe place to go crossdress.

The last piece of the puzzle is my wife.  She “permits” me wear some things, but she does not like it.  At that point, she would not like for me to go out in public.  She had shut herself out of my crossdressing.  She did not want to know what I do, and she basically did not want me to do anything.  The result of this is not that I stop having ideas of things to do, but I start executing my ideas in secret.  I have recently posted on keeping secrets from my wife and how I do not recommend it or like it.  But it happens…  And in this new town, my wife started going on trips with friends to conferences, and working slightly different hours than me, etc.  She started giving me lots of opportunities to go out without her knowing about it.

A big ingredient that plays in to me starting to have more outings is leg shaving.  With shaved legs, I feel like I can blend in better.  Pressed down hairs under pantyhose are noticeable and unattractive.  Smooth legs do look unusual, but are not that noticeable.

I started to get the idea to go out.  It was itching within me.  It was like being hungry.  Hunger is hard to ignore and it is hard to turn off.  Eventually, events played together to make it possible.  I put on my men’s shorts, nude pantyhose and fake Keds.  I drove to that mall that is an hour from my house.  It was very stressful getting out of the car and crossing the parking lot.  But no one noticed.

The mall was crowded.  However, I was not very obvious and most people just did not notice me.  It was so much fun!  But, I was noticed by the most likely people to notice a man in femme clothes, teenage girls.  I was noticed by at least three teenagers (in three separate events.)  I forget the story for one of the teens.  The second teen was nearby while I was on a pay phone.  She kind of kept walking past me and standing nearby and taking “discreet” glances.  She was waiting on someone and started people watching.  The third girl walked past me with her boyfriend.  She looked me up and down and noticed something, either my legs or my shoes.  Then, she grabbed her boyfriend’s arm after she passed me and I think she told him. He never looked back.

I do not have many pictures from my outings, but here is one I took the evening of this event.


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