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Women’s Shorts and Pantyhose at the Grocery Store

April 30, 2012

One day I went shopping and bought some black ladies shorts. Then I went for a walk. I looked enough like a man not to turn any heads, but I was wearing all womens’ clothing!! I was wearing a beige ladies blouse, black silk shorts with a cuff just above the knee. A thin black belt. Leggs Active Support nude pantyhose, and my fake Keds. It was wonderful.

I walked to a nearby shopping center and walked around on the sidewalks. It was still daylight, but it was just about time for it to start getting dark. I went into this little store that sells various stuff. I was so nervous that I would be noticed, but I was not noticed at all from what I could tell. I left the store and walked around the walkway at the shopping center some more.

Then I started walking down the sidewalk. I walked around the block and back to the shopping center. At the shopping center, I got up my nerve and I went into a small Chinese restaurant. I stood at the counter and ordered a Sprite. There was a lady sitting at a nearby table waiting for her take-out order. She never seemed to notice me. The people eating at the few tables in the small room also did not pay me any attention.

After I left there, I got pretty stupid. I went into the well lit grocery store. People there know me and my wife (she would not have approved of me walking around like this.) My legs were shining a bit. I walked around the store and did not find anything to buy. I don’t think I could have done that. There were a lot of people in the checkout lines. It would have been a 15 minute wait, probably. Then I walked back to my apartment and walked around the property there.

I know that it seems redundant for me to post several outings that were non-events, but that is what happens when you start going out. It was great to be out. I was not at home being naughty, I was in public being a pedestrian. Sometimes, I have read stories other people have posted on the Internet of their outings. Let me say that I no longer believe some of the stories I have read. If a story is not non-eventful, if the story is not filled with disinterested people, then it very well might be fiction. I have read so many stories where a guy had the same experience as me. You go out thinking you are doing something momentous, but it turns out to be just another day to everyone you meet. Even if they see what you are doing, it is just another day. Crossdressers are only slightly interesting to most people.


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  1. I think it,s great what you did I do it all the time no one seems to notice me walking around in stores or even near my house my one friend ask if I I had a girl over oh by the way I was wearing pantyhose and a skirt I do it all the time now have fun ps I go on hikes and wear shorts and pantyhose I also wear a bra and have boobs much like you all girl cloths

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