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Shorts and Dark Pantyhose Outing

May 1, 2012

I started to have the desire to go out in dark pantyhose.  It was a scary and exciting thing to consider.  My first such trip started as a shopping trip.  I was on a shopping trip with dark pantyhose on under my long pants.  I had gone to some stores and tried on some clothes.  I brought some shorts in case I got up enough nerve to walk around dressed that way.

I put on my shorts and went to two places.  First, I went to a fast food restaurant and bought supper.  I thought everyone was going to notice and laugh.  I thought that someone would confront me.  I am not sure if anyone even noticed.  No one reacted.  I was so stressed out.  Next, I went to a salon and asked about prices for leg waxing.  I was in the open talking with an older Asian woman and her 20-30 year old daughter.  The older woman spoke to me and twice covered her mouth with her hand and giggled (yes, she actually did that).  The daughter maintained her composure and answered my questions.  By the end of the outing, I was so tired from all of the stress!  But, it was a non-event.  However, I was not really in public.

Another evening, I put on my off-white ladies’ blouse, ladies’ shorts, taupe Leggs Sheer Energy Active Support pantyhose and black dressy flats with a little buckle on the sides. The flats were somewhat androgynous but they were of a slight wedge design.  They have no separation from where the heel would be in some shoes to the rest of the shoe.  Active Support style of pantyhose are a heavier than average fabric.  The hose seemed quite dark to me.

It was wonderful! I went to a small store and shopped around. Then I went to a lake near my house and walked around it. I sat on some benches in a lighted area. A man ran past me and spoke, but I don’t think he noticed.  Then I went crazy bold and went to a clothing store (in my home town). I shopped around and even tried on three skirts. A few people got near enough to look at me and they took obvious looks at my legs.

I have always assumed that people could tell that I had on skin-toned pantyhose, but they were so subtle with their reaction that I could not tell them from everyone who did not notice.  This was the trip where I learned the difference between people who notice and people who do not notice.  People would be about their business and then they would see something unusual about me and they would make a very obvious look at my legs.  Often they would take a look up at my head afterward.  Then they would go about their business.  Some people would take additional looks.

I had worried that everyone could tell that I was wearing nude pantyhose over the years but I was so wrong.  I am mostly invisible.  Over the years since then, I have seen when people would notice that I had on nude pantyhose.  Their reaction is just as obvious as the reactions I saw on this trip.  It is rather uncommon for someone to notice nude pantyhose, however, unless they are standing around people watching or talking to me for a little while and let their eyes eventually wander around.  If someone noticed while talking to me, they try to keep their train of thought and they do not mention my clothes.

So, back to my dark pantyhose outing.  I went to another clothing store, but it was closing.  I left there to walk to an adjacent clothing store. I wanted to buy something, but I did not find anything to buy. I just wanted to go stand in the cashier’s line.  I did not.

Since stores were closing, I went home and walked around my apartment complex.  Then I walked over to shopping center near my house.  Afterward, I walked around my apartment complex parking area in a skirt with the above outfit.

It was so very nice to be out in public wearing whatever I wanted.  I was around people while I was dressed entirely in women’s clothing.  However, it was not nice to be lurking around like that.  I had no purpose.  Shopping was OK, but I did not want to buy anything.  I was just creeping around.  I definitely prefer being outside of my house dressed than locked in, but I wanted something more than going to stores with no goal of anything to buy.  I just wanted to be out.  There has to be a better way.  (I find the better way later, and I will post about it eventually.)


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