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Dressed and Forgetting About It

May 2, 2012

Another night I went out in all women’s androgynous clothing as a man.  I wore ladies’ khaki pants that were an inch too short for me with nude hose and my ladies’ flats with a white silk blouse. I passed just fine as a man.

I went to a store called “The Avenue” where a nice lady has let me try on outfits. She wasn’t there but the other clerks were just as helpful. It seems that many of their clerks have CD friends/family. Everyone of them was helpful. They would come look at me and give me advice and bring me new outfits. I wore one of the outfits out into the store from the dressing room. One outfit I was wearing, I wore over to a three way mirror in the dressing room and when I was walking back to my stall, a teenage girl was walking by and saw me. Her friend goes into the dressing room to try on something. I try on another skirt that the clerk had given me and I step out where the clerk could see me. The teenager sat on a chair by the dressing area. The clerk who was helping me sat in another chair there. I opened the door to my stall so the clerk could see me. The teenager leaned and saw me too. Another clerk was standing there to help as well. (They said they had fun helping me.) So there I was standing in all women’s clothes in front of three women. It was wonderful!

I went to the mall and walked around. No one noticed me. I then went to the barber shop in the mall. Two people were getting a hair cut and one of them had a girlfriend waiting. I sat down and the pants came up even more. My hosed ankles and shoes were very visible. The young boy (who had the girlfriend) noticed either my hose, shoes, or my “high water” pants. He kept taking looks at them. Then the other person finished and I got into the chair beside the boyfriend. He kept trying to communicate to the girl to look at my ankles. He kept making mouth motions and yanking his eyes. I don’t know if she ever noticed, but he seemed to share a smile with her as if he thought she got it. However, I never saw her take a look at my display of “man en femme.”

Then I went to Wal-mart and I changed into some shorts in the car. (This was before the “people of walmart” website!) I walked into the store and went to the women’s section. I found a dress I wanted to try on. The clerk let me in the changing room and I tried it. When I came out I asked if I should put it there or put it up and she let me put it there. It was now definitely apparent that I had taken the dress into the changing room and worn it. I went and found another dress to try on. I went to her and she let me in. I asked her if it would be too awkward if I got her advice about it. She said that would be fine. I put on the dress and opened the door and she looked at me and had me turn around and she talked openly (and at full voice – yikes) about the dress and how women are shaped verses men. I loved the dress’ fit! Another clerk walked up and saw me and gave me a look. I smiled at her and gave an embarrassed expression. She kept on her way and said “I didn’t say anything” It was in a playful way. The girl was completely frank and helpful.

I went to put up the dress I had tried on and I FORGOT that I was wearing pantyhose with shorts. I totally forgot. Here I am standing in the main traffic isle trying to push the dresses apart in the rack to hang up my dress. I look as a family is passing me and one of the girls (I normally try to avoid children) looks at me in a general way and then looks me right in the eye and smiles. I smile at her still not remembering that I am dressed up. Her sister notices too and they walk by and the first girl knocked her sister when she started to laugh. (This is when I remembered I was en femme.) The girls did not get the rest of the family’s attention or anything. They just walked on. The girls were 8 or 9 years old.

Then I went to a Chinese restaurant and had supper. No one noticed until I was leaving. The ~15 year old son of the family who owned the store looked at me when I was walking out the door. I noticed him looking at me with the stunned/confused look. I looked back and he was still looking. Then I looked a second or two later and his dad was looking too.

Outings like this were very pleasant because first, they gave me an opportunity to wear something outside of the house.  Second, they gave me the ability to see how normal I can be and still be en femme.  Third, I was not doing anything weird or sexual.  I was just shopping like anyone else.  I loved being able to somewhat openly wear dresses and skirts.  Again, it was largely a non-event.


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