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Mall Outings and Morning Walks

May 4, 2012

I was becoming accustomed to going out in public in shorts and nude pantyhose.  When Christmas came and it was time to go shopping, I wore shorts and hose and did my shopping.  I wore my white keds.  I was paid no unusual attention.  I think the best part about it was that I was out and doing something I would have done otherwise.

Most of my crossdressing outings are me going to women’s clothing stores or walking around parks, etc.  Adding my crossdressing to constructive activities seems to be a secret ingredient.  Normally, while crossdressing, I am not doing anything constructive.  Furthermore, when I read about other crossdressers’ outings, they are doing the same things I am doing.  Christmas shopping was a productive activity I could do dressed.  It was very nice.

It is odd that I would open with such a paragraph as that and then follow it with a bunch of stories about doing non-constructive things, but here goes…

When I have dressed around people, except for a couple exceptions, if my hosed legs are showing, they were in nude hose with shorts and my men’s shoes or my ladies’ keds.  Around this point in my life, I would rather frequently go out on morning or night walks in the area near my home in all women’s clothes including nude hose and black shorts, and often black ladies casual shoes and a white blouse.  Never any makeup or wig.  Twice I took a morning walk wearing a black skirt instead of the shorts.  In these morning and evening outings, I avoided direct contact with people.  I would pass people walking, but it was no big deal.  But it was always a non-event, even the times I was in my skirt and I encountered people.  Once, I saw a woman glance back after she and her husband turned a corner.  That was the biggest reaction.

One day, I went to the mall.  I wore my black shorts, white blouse, and nude hose.  I also wore my black ladies shoes.  The shoes were slip on shoes with a very slight wedge design.  Around here, men do not commonly wear slip on black shoes without socks.  Also, men almost never wear them with shorts.  I was concerned that this might be more obvious.

I went to a mall that I have not visited in any of the stories I have posted so far.  It was more crowded than I expected.  As usual, no one paid my outfit any attention.  I went to one store and tried on several pairs of shoes.  The store had a lot of size 12 and 13 ladies shoes.  A lady shopping beside me paid me very little attention.  I think I noticed her looking down at the shoes I was trying on a few times.  I picked out a skirt and asked the clerk if I could try it on.  She seemed a little awkward about things, but was professional and helped me.  I tried on the skirt with a couple blouses.  Then I stepped out of the changing room and proceeded to return the merchandise to the shelves.  A lady shopping in the store saw me come out of the room with the skirt in my hands.  No real reaction.

Later, I was stopped by one of those high pressure sales people at a kiosk that sells hand products.  There were two young girls working at the kiosk.  Girl 1 made eye contact and started trying to try to reel me in.  Girl 2 looked at my outfit and notices I was dressed funny.  She only looked down at my legs or shoes.  Girl 1 made her sales pitch to me and flirted with my hand and blah blah…  Girl 2 kept walking back and forth on the other side of the kiosk taking peeks at me.  I suppose she was got a several good looks.  That’s what I would do.  I, however, was tensely looking about worrying that someone will see me standing still in the middle of the mall in all women’s clothing.  I turned down Girl 1’s offer, her counter offer, and her guilty pressure tactics on how my wife deserves to be pampered…  I walked away.  Girl 2 apparently went straight to Girl 1 and informed her about what I was wearing.  I looked back and they were both looking hard at me.  Girl 2’s expression was like that of someone watching a car wreck.  It was hilarious!

I shopped and tried on clothes at a few different stores.  Eventually, I made it to a Payless shoe store.  They normally have affordable shoes big enough for me.  They are always very helpful and understanding.  I went to the aisle where shoes my size were located.  There was a 21-22 year old girl there trying on size 12 shoes.  Normally, I would walk away.  This time, I decided to boldly go shop with her there.  The girl paid me no attention.  I selected a pair of shoes and I sat down 6 feet away from her.  I put on the shoes and walked down the aisle to a mirror.  From what I could tell, she did not watch me.  I went back and put the shoes on the rack and continued shopping.  This stranger and I continued shopping within feet of each other.  We each tried on several pairs of shoes.  Eventually, she finished and left.

I was still shopping when the sales clerk offered me some help.  She was probably 20 years old.  She had such a sweet smile and personality.  She helped me shop for ladies’ shoes for a little while.  Eventually, she noticed my hose.  I do not think she noticed anything odd about my outfit.  I asked if they get a lot of guys.  She said “Well… some, but normally they are all dressed up.”  I told her all of my clothes were ladies’.  I tried on some more shoes, and then left.

Around lunch time, I went to the food court.  I stood in line at a restaurant for a long time with my back to the people eating in the dining area.  Eventually, I took my food and found myself a seat in the dining area.  No one paid me any attention.  I sat and ate.  One lady walked by with her son and she seemed to notice something about me.  She later sat nearby and took a few more looks.  I finished eating and got up to leave.  An older woman a few tables over noticed my outfit and she gave me the evil eye.  It was a fierce look, and she did not break it.  She stared me down even when I looked at her.  Feisty woman…

I went to my car after this, and went home.  Over all, several people noticed.  I think they noticed my shoes to start with.  This never happened when I wore shorts and keds.  Except for evil-eye-lady, there was no unpleasant reaction.  So, was this outing a non-event?  Sort of…


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