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Partially Crossdressed to the Barber Shop

May 4, 2012

I went out in my usual outfit (White blouse, black shorts, nude hose, casual flats, and no makeup nor wig.) and went to the barber shop.  The shop keeper was a woman from Korea.  I normally had my hair cut there.  When I got there, there was a man in her chair, and two men waiting to be served.  I sat down and received only polite nods of recognition.  No one looked at me enough to notice what I was wearing.

The other men were served.  No new customers entered.  As the last guy paid, I sat with my legs crossed, reading a magazine.  He left and she called me.  I turned and put up the magazine before uncrossing my legs.  I stood up and walked to her.  As I sat in her chair, she asked me if I was not cold.  I said no, and then added “I am cheating a little.”  I think the language barrier did away with that hint.

I talked with her pleasantly during my haircut.  I am not sure, but I think I noticed her look at my feet twice.  She could have been looking in her drawer.  She was entirely natural with me. It was another non-event.  However, I was stressed out.


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