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Crossdressers’ Pilgrimage One

May 5, 2012

There are a few places that every crossdresser seems to feel like they must dress up and make a pilgrimage to.  Some major ones are: the mall, Victoria’s secret, and the Leggs outlet. One day, I decided I was ready to go to the Leggs/Bali/Hanes, etc … outlet.  These days, I think this company is called “Hanes Brands”.

It was in the evening and the shopping center was rather crowded.  I was wearing my white blouse, black shorts, nude hose, and black shoes.  All womens-wear.  I entered the shopping center through a larger store.  Two or three people immediately looked at my feet when they saw me.  Apparently, those shoes were giving me away.  I think people look at them because they just do not seem right for a man to wear without long pants or socks.

Once someone looked at my feet, I felt pretty sure that the hose were obvious enough (with my smooth legs) to give me the rest of the way away. I went to the Leggs outlet and asked a few questions about some products, and then left.  I did not really shop around.  I just wanted to cross the milestone of going to the Leggs outlet in hose.  I did not point out what I was wearing.  I really do not think that the salespeople ever got a very good look at me.  I was nervous because the store was a bit too close to home.  I was in and out in less than ten minutes. And, of course, it was another non-event.


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