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Shorts, Dark Hose, Restaurant

May 6, 2012

Once again, I went out as a man in a white blouse, black shorts, taupe pantyhose, and black ladies shoes.  Only once before have I worn my shorts with dark hose.  That time, several people gave my legs obvious double takes as if I was rather obvious.  I figured the same thing would happen this time.  I had some other women’s clothes, but this was the only outfit that I had that I felt comfortable wearing in public.

I first went to an antiques mall.  I do not care very much about antiques.  Most of the items in the place were not extraordinary.  The mall/store was large.  I walked in and was greeted by a man who was sitting near the entrance.  I think he was a customer’s husband.  I walked all over the store.  I think I did a good job of not worrying about whether people noticed that I was dressed unusually.  From what I could tell, no more than one person paid my outfit any attention.  No reactions.  I walked around there for thirty minutes.  I became rather comfortable in my clothes.

Next I went to a Hallmark store.  I was looking for something my wife wanted.  As soon as I went in, one of the teenage girls at the cash register stood on her tip toes and leaned way over the counter to get a better look at my outfit.  No other reactions.  Eventually, I had to go up to the register to ask for some help.  They gave me no obvious reactions.

Then I went to a Chinese restaurant to eat.  A teenage girl who was eating with the store owner saw me at once.  She looked over her shoulder and tried to get another look.  No one else in the store seemed to notice me.  The woman with whom she was eating rang me up as I left.  She asked me if I was cold.  That was the only reaction.

Next, I went to Dress Barn and shopped around.  I bought a beautiful skirt.  It was black, lined, straight framed, knee length, with a three inch slit on the left knee.  I bought it, put it on, and went shopping in another store.

I went to a store called Avenue.  In other branches that I have shopped in, the clerks were VERY open to crossdressers.  I asked and I was their first at this store.  I shopped in their shoe section.  They have size 12, 12W, 13, and sometimes 13W.  Their shoes were much too expensive for my CDing habits.  However, I did try on a couple pairs.  One of the clerks helped me look.  She was completely helpful and polite.  One pair of their shoes ran my hose.  Fortunately, the run stayed in my shoes.

Finally it was time to go home.  The evening had started out with me in dark hose and shorts on a cool windy night.  But when I went home, there were 40-50 mph gusts of wind and snow and  was wearing a skirt!  Unfortunately, it had gotten a bit too cold for exposed legs!!


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