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Restaurants, Malls, and Compliments

May 8, 2012

If you have been following this blog or have been reading my postings in the order they were posted, you’ve probably noticed that I have stopped zooming through my life and have started posting about almost every significant outing I have made.  That is because I am transferring this more recent information from another source.  I started writing down memories from my outings at one point in my life.  Recently, when I decided to start this blog, I gathered up my different experiences and made a list of major topics to cover.  I sometimes feel like I should not share every one of my memories since they are sort of redundant.  However, I believe it is truthful to say that I wrote this blog for me, and not for the general public.

I find as I revisit all of these old stories that I am amazed at how bold I was so long ago.  I forget details.  In my mind, these outings are more tame.  However, this outing I am about to describe is a rather bold outing, but in my memory, it was not much more significant that some of the others.  It seems no more significant because I was getting used to being out in obvious women’s clothes.

This outing started with me putting on some black shorts and shoes, taupe pantyhose and my white blouse.  When I say I was wearing taupe hose, please understand that these were a brand of support hose that were of a slightly thicker material.  Therefore, they were rather dark, and probably obvious.  I drove a long way to go to a town far away from my home.  I ate breakfast at a restaurant and no one seemed to notice me, or at least they did not react.  Yes, I ate breakfast in a normal restaurant with a lot of normal citizens while I was wearing dark pantyhose and shorts.  I remember trying to hide as best I could.  But when it was time to check out, I had to stand up and walk to the counter and wait to pay for my meal.  It was a non-event.

Then I went to a mall in a nearby town.  I traversed the whole mall.  Most people never even looked at me.  A few looked and saw what I had on.  Most paid no attention.  I started to become more comfortable in my outfit.
I ate lunch in the food area.  One woman sitting near me noticed immediately.  She would sneak a look at me when I was not facing her.  I would glance her way and catch her looking.  She would immediately look away.  After a couple of minutes, she paid me no more attention.  There were four women sitting at another table.  After about 10 minutes, one of them noticed.  When I was getting up to put away my trash, she and her friends all took time to look my way as I went by.

I left there and went to a couple stores near the mall.  One was a Payless shoes.  That place was crowded, but I went in anyway.  There was a man at the 12-13 men’s shoes rack which is always close to the large women’s shoes.  I went ahead and browsed in spite of him.  There were some kids in the store, but not on my aisle.  I try to avoid kids.  I do not want to inspire them to try crossdressing.  After a few minutes, there was a mother with her daughter who came into the aisle I was on.  The girl looked at my legs a few times.  I felt a little uncomfortable.  They walked away.  I continued trying on shoes and walking in them.

I was back in my own shoes at one point when the mother walked by and moments later the girl (8-9 years old) walked by.  She looked at my legs or feet again, but this time she said, “I like those shoes, they look good.”  I told her, “Thank you.”  She turned and walked after her mother.  I was a bit stunned.  I had no idea she would have ever thought to say that.  Women amaze me.  I wonder if she asked her mother why I was dressed that way and her mother recommended she give me a compliment.


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