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Morning Walks in Skirts and Greeting Pedestrians

May 9, 2012

I had a skirt that has the little shorts embedded in it.  The skirt falls to a couple inches above my knee.  I went out for a walk the other day as a guy wearing the skirt with a polo type women’s shirt, keds, and sheer hose.  I had no interaction with anyone until the very end.  I was in a parking lot in my apartment complex (kind of far from my apartment) and I noticed a van in front of me had a woman in it.  She was an older lady.  I decided not to pull up the skirt showing only the shorts.  I walked on, essentially toward her van.  I am facing her, she is facing me.  I smiled and waved.  She smiled and waved back.  I walked past her van.  I figure she had to have seen me, but no negative reaction.  I did this again later with no interaction.

Then, on another day, I took another walk.  Early in the walk, I had the choice of two ways to walk, I saw an older woman walking toward me on one of the paths.  I decided to walk toward her with the skirt showing.  She had plenty of time to see the skirt, but she never gave any obvious reaction.  I glanced back and she was not looking my way.  I realized at one point that there was a couple walking up behind me from a good distance.  I kept walking ahead of them.  I had only the shorts showing.  I decided to turn around and pass them.  I was still wearing nude hose, but only the shorts are showing.  Then I decided to drop the skirt into place and I walked by them.  They both were both stretching as I approached.  When I drew near, they started walking again.  As we approached each other, we said “Hi”.  As I passed near her, I said “Good Morning.”  I noticed no glances down or any second looks.  After I passed, I looked back and they were not looking my way.  They turned a corner about 10 yards away and I looked their way again and noticed her looking my way.  Later, my path merged with another and there was a woman in a dress walking the same direction I was.  I walked about 20 yards in front of her for a few minutes.  I was getting too far from home and getting too close to people’s homes for my comfort, so I turned around.  I passed the woman, but she never looked at me in passing.  Shortly after that, I passed another woman and we said good morning.  I do not think she saw anything.

It was so nice to be out in a skirt.  I considered wearing a real skirt (no shorts) so I could feel my legs swishing, but that is a bit unnerving!

On another morning,  I went on another morning walk.  This time, I wore my skirt with shorts built in and dark hose with black flats.  I was out in public as a man wearing all womens clothes, including a skirt and dark hose!  I walked about 3/4 miles from my house.  I took a different route and entered places I have never walked in before.  I decided it was time to turn around.  Not long after I turned around, I was startled by A VOICE!  My instinct was to pull up the skirt to only show the built in shorts.  However, I was in the dark hose. There was no hiding.  It was a woman on a bike.  She was saying “sorry,” but with a thick Asian accent.  It sounded like, “Soddy.”  (We were living in a multicultural area.)

She said “Soddy” twice and I jumped pretty good.  She looked down near my waist and furled her face and said “Ohhh” as if she was regretting scaring me.  However, she might have been reacting to my outfit or something else.  She rode on ahead of me.  I watched her go.  She never looked back.  Later, I saw her off in the distance coming back from the way she went.  I was almost to where her path would join my path.  She was going to get a full view of me as she approached.  I said to her as she came, “Good Morning, I won’t let you scare me this time.”  She laughed and said, “Good Morning.”  I don’t know if she understood what I said.  She could have easily been responding to the way my words sounded humorous and my facial expressions.  She did not seem to look at my outfit.  I did not see her look back at me.  Either she never noticed, or she did not want to react.  In either case, I am amazed.  I have been so scared of being found out my whole life.  Now, I am revealing my crossdressing to the world and I am finding out no one reacts or cares.  I had no idea that I could just go wear whatever I want in public and it would be OK.  But, of course, this is how it has to be.

On yet another morning, I came upon the same couple as before.  This time I was wearing a proper skirt.  It is black, knee length, straight cut, two inch slit on the left knee.  I think it is very pretty.  I passed the couple and they looked at me and said, “Hi.”  I did the same in response.  We passed each other on the path.  No noticeable reaction.  I went my distance and turned around.  On my way back, I passed them again.  I do not think they even looked at me.  Just walkers passing on the way.  It felt great being free!!!

I wore skirts and dark hose around real people and it was a non-event.  Amazing!


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