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Failed Crossdressers’ Club Meeting Attempt

May 10, 2012

I decided that I wanted to go to a crossdressers’ club meeting near my home.  I contacted the club via e-mail.  They required you to meet with a member before being allowed to attend.  I believe it was a security mechanism to keep non-crossdressers with malicious intents from attending.  We crossdressers do not want to find our faces in the newspapers!

I met with the president of the group.  We met at the mall for lunch as two men.  He was an older man.  Perhaps he was in his sixties.  He had bits of red or pink nail polish on the edges of his nails.  He seemed like age was slowing him down mentally.  He was very nice.  I wondered what kind of woman he could dress up to be.  He brought pictures.  He did transform quite well.  We talked for about an hour about our different experiences.  His comment was, “Wow, you’re brave!” when I told him about my outings as a man in a skirt.  I had never considered myself brave.  Mostly, I thought I was stupid to be going out like that.  I have also been told that I was brave by other CDs when I have told them about my “skirted” outings as a man.  I guess most proper crossdressers who want to be women find doing a man-outing as being very daring.  I just do not want to be a woman, so this is the direction that crossdressing has “taken me”.

My wife was going to be out of town on the weekend of one of the crossdressers’ club meetings.  I decided to go.  I planned out my activity.  I was going to do something I have almost never done, I was going to try to be a girl for the meeting.  My plan was to go to go to a mall and get my makeup done.  I would go find a wig.  Then, I would go to the restaurant and attend their meeting.  I was going to try to go en femme.

I went to the mall in shorts and dark hose.  I told the the makeup lady that I was hoping to attend the crossdressers’ meeting and asked if she could help me with my makeup.  She was friendly and willing.  She had me sit in her chair and started working on me.  At first it was not clear to her that I was unaccustomed to makeup and had no preferences or common practices.  People walked by and saw me in my dark pantyhose getting a makeover.  She did not make me look heavily feminine, but she covered up my whiskers, etc.

I left her and she gave me some samples to touch up with.  She wished me a good time at my meeting.  I went to my car and put on my skirt and returned to the mall and walked around some.  It was crowded, and I was a bit evasive, so only few people got a great look at me.  I walked into the mall area from an anchor store.  I did not go far.  I went into a candle store or something and then went back to my car.  I did not have enough nerve.

I headed on toward the part of town where the club was meeting.  I looked for a place to buy a wig the whole time.  My other plan was to buy a ladies’ hat.  I found neither.  I decided that I would go with my man hair if I have to.

It was June.  The meeting was in a city.  The city had an artsy/gay area.  I did not realize this.  I was heading toward the gay side of town in June.  It was pride week.  There was a parade/street party thing going on.  It as packed.  I could not find parking.  I was not willing to walk a half mile to go to this restaurant.  I don’t know why, because there were gay couples walking around holding hands and people in odd clothing like above the knee platform boots with all spandex, etc.  But I did not do it.  I drove around for 30 minutes seeking an open parking spot.  Then, I went home.

It was disappointing.  But I was somewhat relieved because 1) I did not go to a sit down restaurant in my girly clothes.  I wasn’t ready for that.  2) I did not go to a meeting that my wife would so upset to find out that I attended.

I am OK with it.


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