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Apartment Complex Office in Pantyhose

May 11, 2012

This series of outings is out of chronological order with the rest of my blog posts.  Somehow, I forgot about these outings.  My next post will mention these, so I needed to insert these stories now.

I was living in an apartment complex.  I had started wearing pantyhose and shorts when I would walk around outside in the mornings or evenings.  As crossdressing goes, I started getting new ideas.  Bold, daring ideas.  Stupid, risky ideas.  This time, I thought, I should wear hose and shorts to the apartment complex office.

I had visited the office on numerous occasions in all men’s wear.  I had gotten to know the lady who worked in the office.  I felt like she was a friendly acquaintance.  There had been times when I visited the office to pick up a package or to pay my rent and ended up talking for a long time.

I had the day off.  I put on my men’s shorts and shoes with my nude pantyhose.   Most people were at work.   Nonetheless, it was quite scary to walk across the parking lot toward the office.  I felt so open and exposed.  I got to the office door, breathed in deep, and plunged in.  She showed no sign of noticing.  We started talking and I might have been there for 30 minutes total.  I never saw any indication that she noticed anything unusual about me.  This was a huge new milestone.  I spent time with someone who knows me while wearing pantyhose openly and I was not wearing a costume.  I was just me in pantyhose being me!

I tried this another day, but this time, I wore my Keds.  I remember sitting in the chair at the table in her office.  I was in full view.  I was sitting with my legs crossed and my feminine shoes on, but she did not react.  I think she did not notice.  If she did notice, I never saw her take even one glance at my legs or my feet.  When other people came into the office, none of them paid me any attention.

I tried this a third time.  I cannot remember whether I wore any other women’s clothes or not.  I should have written this down!!  But every time was a non-event.


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