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Barber Shop in Shorts and Dark Pantyhose

May 11, 2012

I finally got up my nerve and did something I had been wanting to do.  I went to the barber shop dressed up.  I put on my black ladies shorts, white long sleeved blouse, Leggs Sheer Energy Active Support taupe pantyhose with some black flats.  I was dressed fully en femme garments, but otherwise, I was as a man.

I went to the barber shop first thing this morning, to avoid a crowd.  I think the girl who cut my hair noticed my legs, but she didn’t say anything.  I did not notice her stealing many glances.  Only a couple times did she look in that direction.  Our conversation seemed normal.

I went to Target and shopped for some things I needed for my normal life.  I figured I would stick out and be noticed, but I might have been invisible.  I do not think anyone even looked my way.   At one point, I walked down the wide aisle in the front.  I walked past numerous people, but they did not even turn their head to see me coming.  Everyone was shopping or talking.  I was just another person.

After Target, I went to the grocery store because I had noticed a run on my heel.  They did not have my brand.  I went to Wal-mart next.  This was a little intimidating.  As soon as I was in the door, I realized that no one even looked my way.  I found my hose and went to the checkout.  I don’t even think that the people behind me in line noticed.

Next, I went to a clothing store to find some slacks.  I had my replacement hose in my pocket so I could change in the dressing room.  They did not have anything my length, so I tried on a skirt.

I went to the shoe store after that.  A female clerk started helping me.  I was trying to find some ladies shoes that were not too obviously feminine.  She went to the back and found some shoes that I eventually bought.  When she came back, I was walking in some heels. I asked her, “Are my hose very noticeable?”  She had me step back a few paces, and looked and said, “No, not very noticeable.”  I said, “That must be why no one seemed to pay me any attention today.  I was sure that people were going to be reacting to me oddly today.”  She helped me like it was nothing and I bought some shoes.

Next, I went to The Avenue and looked for some slacks.  I found some, but they were too expensive, so I got me something else, and checked out and left.  I had to stand in line there for 15 minutes.  The other customers paid me no attention.

Finally, I went to a Chinese restaurant. As soon as I walked in the door, the waitress who came to seat me, looked straight at my legs or shoes.  She stole a few more glances.  The restaurant only had a pair of women sitting at a table.  I walked by their table but the never looked at me.  The waitress filled my cups several times and looked at my legs the first few trips.  Eventually, she stopped looking.  She visited my table seven or eight times.  I enjoyed my meal, talked a little Chinese with her and learned a new word.

At one point, I got up and went to the restroom.  I walked past the table where the women were eating.  They noticed.  They smiled at me, but at least one of the smiles was more from amusement than from politeness.  I know it looks odd, so I certainly understand.

Then, I went home.  It was a wonderful day in hose, and no one cared how I was dressed! I was dressed in all women’s wear and no one noticed, or if they did, they didn’t care.  That’s all right by me! …Now if I can get my wife to venture out with me dressed this way!!


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