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Just Another Boring Outing

May 15, 2012

One day I dressed in a men’s polo top, ladies black shorts, black 1″ androgynous heels  and taupe pantyhose.  First, I went to my barber.  We talked and she cut my hair like usual.  I saw no indication that my outfit caught her attention.  I guess I wanted to be noticed, so I asked her before I left if my outfit looked OK or if it was tacky.  She said I looked good and that I was “tall and thin and a good looking man.”  What does that mean?  Does it mean she never noticed, or does it mean she wants me to embrace my masculinity?

Next, I went to the mall.  I went into a big anchor store.  I have done this enough that I was confident.  I went down the wide, main, center aisles.  No one paid me any attention.  I spoke to a couple store employees about items in the store.  When talking to the lady in the hosiery section, I said I was looking for something prettier than what I had on.  I later asked her if she noticed my outfit before I pointed it out to her and she said no.  I am pretty sure that the second clerk that I spoke to in that store never had a clue.  I did not point my outfit out to her.

I proceeded to walk into the main mall area.  I was looking for a specific store.  I did notice people glancing at my legs/feet, but not many.  I stopped in a couple stores on my way to my destination.  I was functioning as confidently and normally as I could.  I was just running errands.  When I got to the store, I spoke with the sales man for 10 minutes about the expensive item I am considering buying.  I believe that this was the first time I have interacted with a male sales person while dressed funny.  I was scared, but I gathered my courage and approached him.  Of course, it was a non-event.

I stopped for lunch in the mall.  The girl who gave me my food looked down at my lower half as I walked toward the counter.  Then she looked at my face.  Then she went back to working and paid me no further attention.  I was eatng my lunch early as to avoid the crowd.  No one was in the restaurant the whole time I was there.

I walked the complete mall.  Several people looked at my lower half, but no negative reactions from anyone.  One woman, a customer at a shoe store, looked me up and down as I was walking in and she made eye contact with me.  I smiled and said, “Hi.”  She gave me a very friendly (and pretty) smile and said, “Hi,” back to me.  She paid me no further attention even though I was not that far away from her.

What self respecting crossdresser would have a day out and not try on clothes if they could??  I went to a friendly store (not that I have found one that is not friendly), and started shopping around.  I found some capris and a top I wanted to try on.  I asked If I could use a dressing room and the sales lady let me into one.  I tried on the outfit and stepped out of the dressing room to look at myself in the three way mirror to see myself in each item.  No one paid me any attention.  The clerk came back to see how I was doing when I was finishing up.  I asked her if I could try on a dress.  I was not sure if I had enough nerve to stand out in front of the mirror in a dress, but I still wanted to see what they had.  She showed me a black dress that I decided to try.  We went back to the dressing room.

I put on the dress.  When the time came, I had the nerve to do it.  As, I stepped out of the dressing room to take a look, the clerk was coming into the dressing area with another customer.  I stepped out to the mirror and examined myself.  Then I asked the clerk if I could walk out into the main part of the store.  She said “Sure!”

I walked out of the dressing area!  It was a small store with no more than eight customers in it.  I browsed around.  No one ever looked my way.  It was wonderful feeling the swish of my hosed legs against each other while I walked around in a dress in public and not on Halloween!  I asked her if she had anything I could wear to cover my unshaven chest.  She walked me to some lacy fringed tops.  She selected one in my size and we walked back toward the dressing rooms.  Me, still in a pretty black dress that came just below my knees.  This was when I noticed that the dress was too big for me in the backside.  I tried on the top with the dress and came back out.

I walked around the store again.  This time, when I walked to the front edge of the store (hiding among the racks) as I turned around, I realized a couple (man and woman) were walking out of the store and they were both looking over at me.  I smiled and nodded hello.  They just kept on walking.  No mean looks or anything, but possibly “shock and awe.”  I walked back over to the dressing area, not wanting to take off the dress.  Two other female customers who had been talking a lot realized something uncommon was going on.  They stopped talking and looked my way as the clerk spoke to me about the top I had on under the dress.  If they saw anything, it was from the shoulders up.  It was not hard to realize I was a CD, it was a women’s only clothing store!  I changed back into my clothes, made my purchase and headed home.

Bottom line: People are mostly blind.


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