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Shopping for Women’s Clothes at a Yard Sale

May 16, 2012

One Saturday, I stopped at a yard sale.  I was in all men’s clothes.  The yard sale was put on by two ladies in their 50s.  I gathered my nerve after looking at various items and visited the clothing rack.  All of the clothes were women’s.  Most were size 14-16.  My shoulders make me a size 18, but my hips (in those days) fit into size 12 to 14.  I found a lined black skirt I was interested in.  It was 12 petite.

I asked the ladies what is the distinction between petite and misses in a skirt.  One said, no one here is a petite!  They went back and forth discussing and disagreeing on what petite meant.  Lady A said it had to do with the length of the skirt.  I did not believe that.  They asked me if I lived far away (so I could take it home for “her” to try on.)  In the middle of the discussion, lady A asked me who it was for.  I put on a bashful look and pointed to myself.  She asked again to be sure I understood her.  They were surprised by my answer, but they didn’t struggle with it beyond that.

Still not decided on how a petite skirt is different than a misses, Lady B suggested I should try it on.  Then they pondered where they would have me try it on.  They were looking around the garage.  I said that would not be necessary.

Finally, the other decided petite had to do with the room the skirt gave for hips and backside.  We all concluded that the skirt would be too small for me.  I replaced the skirt and shopped around some more.

I bought a few things and left.  I returned home, skirtless.  That was fun and inspirational!

Since then, I have learned that petite garments have a shorter distance from the waist to the crotch because women apparently elongate over time or their waist moves, or something like that.  I think Lady A was correct in her first comment.


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