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Flying in All Androgynous Women’s Clothes

May 17, 2012

Sometimes, I have to travel.  One time I took some girly clothes with me.

While I was at the hotel, I put on my outfit and visited the lobby.  No one paid me much attention.  My outfit was a white long sleeved undershirt, a white blouse, grey slacks, nude hose, and black androgynous, wide heeled shoes with a 1 or 1.5 inch tall heel.  No one seemed to notice.

The next afternoon, I went down to the lobby wearing the same outfit, but with black shorts instead of the slacks.  I figured I would stand out because it is winter.  No one paid me particular attention except one woman.  She was having a sales meeting with a man at a table near where I was sitting watching TV.  She glanced at my feet.  She kept talking but her flow suggested that she might have been distracted.  Later she regained her flow and she ignored me.  When her talk came to a transition, she took another look my way and then never paid me any more attention.  Otherwise, no one else paid me any attention.

I often speak of no one noticing me and non-events.  I feel like it is important to say such things because the reality is always so significantly less scary than the idea.  The build up to these new experiences is packed with fear and anticipation.  It is dramatic before it happens and it is humdrum in its execution.  I have heard other men say that they were disappointed by their public experiences in crossdressing.  This process of becoming a public crossdresser is a process of learning that no one notices or cares.

The next day, I was to fly home.  I wore my menswear to the lobby to check out.  When I got to the airport, after I went through security, I went to the men’s room and changed into my original feminine outfit (pants), but I had taupe hose on.  I washed my hands and exited the men’s room without anyone paying any attention to me.  I bought some food and found a seat.  I ate in obscurity.

On my way toward my gate, I visited a newsstand.  Just after I left the store, a woman to my right (who worked at the airport) looked immediately down at my shoes.  She spoke to her friend.  I walked on, and was ahead of them.  I heard them talking about me.  They were quieted, but not enough to keep me from hearing them.  I was walking about 15 feet ahead of them in a crowded airport.  They said brief things like “those aren’t men’s shoes?”  (pause)  “And his pants!”  (pause)  “And his shirt.”

I turned and walked into my gate’s waiting area.  They went straight.   The people at the counter for my gate summoned the two ladies.  They socialized for a few minutes.  Later, a couple of the gate people walked by me and stared down toward my feet as they went by.  While sitting, these slacks exposed my hosed ankles as well.
While I sat there, I noticed one female passenger sitting nearby was looking over her reading glasses at me.  I boarded my flight and flew with no incident.

That was it.  It was NOT a non-event due to those two women and the couple passersby who stared rather obviously.  But it was not an unpleasant experience.  I really considered wearing the shorts with the outfit, but the shoes seem too obvious.  Also, in the winter, shorts seem odd!


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