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Volunteering While Crossdressed

May 19, 2012


UPDATE: Hello Femulate readers!  Thank you for visiting.  This post was featured on a post on on 10/29/2018.  A large flood of visitors have stopped by.  Welcome to this 8 year old post.  I am a guy who sometimes wear a skirt in stead of pants.  Now, back to the post!

Let me tell you about a great day!  Recently, I wrote a post called the “Best Store Clerks Ever“.  That post tells the story of a store where I went shopping and the people who work there.  I returned to that store and went shopping again.  I told the manager that I had considered asking her if I could come in and volunteer while crossdressed.  She said, “Sure, you can hang up clothes.”  One week later, I went to their store in my green blouse, black skirt, nude hose, and black heels (with my man head – no makeup or wig).  I was rather nervous, but I was ready to be somewhat in the public for hours while wearing a skirt.

The store was a big open area like a warehouse.  The employee area is visible to the rest of the store.  It is separated from the rest of the store by a long row of tables.  They had me come back in the employee area.  I was assigned the job of putting clothes on hangers and sorting them based on their size.  I did this job while one of the girls (the one in the picture where there are just two of us) tagged the clothes.  We talked and worked just like I was just anybody else.  Later, another girl and I went out into the store and hung up the clothes from the rack. It was great just being normal but in all women’s wear!  I wish the story was as exhilarating as the experience.  I kept telling them thank you.  They kept responding, “for what?”  Why can’t everyone be so comfortable with me (including me).

The ladies who worked in the store were very positive.  I did not get to spend as much time with one of the girls.  I had seen her before on another visit.  When she came in to work, she came up to me and said, “I didn’t get to introduce myself to you last time you were here…”  The other two that I spoke with were very positive.  They were complimenting me on this or that.  They acted like they thought I was silly for being awkward or bashful or whatever.

As for the customers, I stood behind a counter most of the time I was there.  I intentionally made sure that there were not many opportunities for them to see me.  When I went out on the floor to hang up clothes, there were not many customers there.  One family was shopping around where we were working at one point, but I could not tell if they paid me any attention.

I worked for three hours.  When I was about to leave, a lot of people came in at the same time.  I think everyone was doing some shopping during their lunch breaks or something.  Anyhow, perhaps a few of them saw me.  One lady had that uncomfortable look on her face that I see sometimes when I am dressed.  She took a few sideways glances over the rack toward my skirt/legs.  I did not see any reaction from any others. (I was not trying to give them opportunities to see me.)

Let me say one more time that this was a very pleasant experience.  I think it was so nice is because the focus of what I was doing was not the clothes.  When I am at home alone dressing, it is all about the clothes and nothing else.  When I have dressed and gone out, I had no where to go and nothing to do, it was just all about the clothes.  Women do not do that and men do not do that.  It is abnormal.  But on this day, I was wearing the clothes that I enjoy, but everything was not focused on them.  It was great to be somewhat normal.  …and I don’t think I like wearing heels all that much.

Click to enlarge 

Me crossdressed, with the manager of the store that let me volunteer.

The two other salesladies who worked with me.

 I sure wish I’d known that my blouse was messed up like that in the front!!

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  1. Marla permalink

    I have been reading your stories all morning and they are wonderful! I have worn pantyhose with shorts but never a skirt (yet!) – you have inspired me to give it a try.
    How do you size skirts? I am tall (6’2″) and wear about a size 9 in panties – any suggestions? If I could look anything like you do, I’d be thrilled! Thank you for your site and your courage!

    • I’m not a good judge, but I assume that size 9 would be 16-18 in skirt/pants sizes. I have had great experiences in a little consignment store that is run by the owner. There are few customers and the staff are very helpful. If you have never openly shopped for yourself, you may not know that store clerks are normally rather helpful. Just be as normal as you can and they will help you just like they would a woman.

  2. I wish one day this could be normal so the rest of us with less courage can do what you are doing without being ridiculed.

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