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Grocery Shopping in Pantyhose

May 22, 2012

I need to jump back in time to tell a story.  I got into a pattern of reposting stories I had posted elsewhere and I skipped some stories that weren’t on the other site.  I want to back up and tell these stories.  In the time line of the stories I have posted, this particular story should be placed probably within a year before the time I did my Christmas shopping in all women’s clothes with shorts.

One day, my wife asked me to go do the grocery shopping.  I dressed in men’s shorts and shoes, etc.  But I had shaved legs and nude pantyhose on.  I was not fully accustomed being in public in hose.  I think I had never gone out in dark hose.  So, I still had the fear that my nude pantyhose were easy to see.  I got into my car and went to the store.

I went to the store that we usually shop at.  It was far enough away from our house to make me feel kind of safe.  Also, I was getting more daring and unconcerned if people knew.  I tried to keep my shopping cart between the public and myself when it was possible.  However, I did not need to.  No one ever looked at me.   When people are not people-watching, they are focused on whatever it is that they are doing.  Nude hose are just not very noticeable.

I shopped for about an hour and nobody cared what I was wearing.  I was wearing pretty pantyhose and I was around a lot of women and no one noticed.  That’s because it is OK.  It is just cloth.


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