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Traveling With My Wife While Wearing Shorts and Pantyhose

May 23, 2012

In this story I will still be in the out-of-order time line.  I got ahead of myself and had to back up and cover three significant topics/stories.  This is the second of the three.  This story should fall between when I went shopping at a yard sale and when I flew in a blouse, women’s slacks, etc.

Before I begin the story I should insert that my wife and I were blessed to have a baby just before this point in our lives.  That caused all sorts of considerations on how will my crossdressing play out.  How will I keep it from my children?  Should I?  Can I?

My wife, our baby, and I went on a road trip.  It was a long, all day road trip.  I put on nude pantyhose under my pants and I had some shorts out to change into.  I knew if I were to try to travel in shorts and pantyhose, my wife would refuse.  So, I decided to slip it on her later.

When we stopped at a gas station for our first restroom break, I took my shorts in with me and I changed into my pantyhose.  I felt so nervous.  I was being so sneaky.  I did not want my wife to notice them and make me go change.  I got into the car and she, like everyone else, did not notice.  As we started to leave, she asked if we could stop at a nearby store.  We ended up going to three different places.  We were looking at baby strollers, etc.  We were talking with store clerks.  An unexpected consequence of going out with my unknowing wife was that she was making me follow her everywhere she went and she was unconcerned about my clothing!  We were many miles from anyone we knew, I don’t know why I was worried except for the concern that someone would point out my pantyhose and make a scene that would embarrass my wife.

No one noticed and we got back on the road.  Eventually, my wife noticed  my leg sparkling in the sunshine.  She asked me, “How long have you had those on?”  I told her and she did not get upset.  Knowing that we had been in public and no one noticed eased her concerns.  For the next ten hours or so, I traveled with my wife at my side while I was wearing pantyhose openly.  She did not worry about it too much.  We ate at restaurants and stopped at gas stations and rest areas.  I cannot remember if I wore pantyhose on our return trip, but I cannot imagine that I would have passed up that opportunity.

A couple months later, we made this same road trip again.  I left home wearing pantyhose and shorts.  We made the trip a two day trip.  Subtly, when guys like me wear women’s clothes in public, we want to be seen.  Yet, we don’t want to be reacted to.  I don’t understand it, but it is true.  On this trip, we went to a restaurant.  Our child was restless so he held my fingers and we walked around the restaurant.  I was hoping to be seen, but everyone looked at the cute baby instead.  My wife said that she thought the waitress saw me and reacted.  My wife did not like that.

It turned out that every time we went on a road trip after that, until the children got old enough to acknowledge what I was wearing, I would wear pantyhose and shorts.  Almost no one ever noticed and there was never any reaction.  On one trip, my family and I returned to the car and I said I needed to go back inside for something.  My wife watched me walk away.  When I returned, she said that my hose were not very noticeable and that she felt like it was not so bad that I wore them.  She said that she is glad that this is my worst temptation.


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