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Christmas Shopping In Pantyhose

May 24, 2012


This is the third of three stories that are out of order in my time line of stories.

We had moved to a new town.  We were preparing to welcome our second child into the world.  Christmas was coming and I needed to do some shopping.  I started plotting early on.  I wanted to continue my tradition of wearing pantyhose and shorts while Christmas shopping.  I found a place that was far enough away from home.  It was an outlet mall.  I set aside a whole day, put on nude pantyhose and shorts, and I left early to go shopping.  This was a big outing for me because it was one of my first outings after not crossdressing for a couple years.  In some ways, if felt like the first time all over again.

I drove to the area where I was going to go shopping.  I went to a roadside diner for breakfast.  I normally consider crossdressing and diners like this incompatible because of the rough nature of some of the customers.  I looked in the restaurant before stopping to make sure that the customers seemed tame enough.  I did not want any unpleasant encounter with a truck driver.

The restaurant was almost empty, so I parked my car and went in.  I was greeted by the staff and I sat down at a table.  My server was young and friendly.  She did not seem to notice anything unusual about me.  She visited my table several times and seemed to be trying to “flirt” a better tip out of me.  She was not flirting with me, but she was trying to get me to like her enough to tip her well.

Eventually, I said I was a little uneasy about my outfit and asked her if it looked OK.  She did not see what was wrong with it.  Then I told her that I was wearing support hose.  (I tried to state it in a way that might make her think I was wearing for medical reasons, but I did not say that was the case.)  She took another look and stepped back and finally said that she could not easily tell and that I would be OK.  She even sat down at my table and talked to me some.  Knowing that I was wearing pantyhose did not seem to offend her at all.  Later, when I was done eating, I was walking out and said good-bye to her.  She looked at me again standing and in different light.  She said, “You’ll be fine.”  I believe that she did not tell the other servers or the cook.  If she did, they never paid me any attention.

I ended up doing something I am not proud of.  I asked numerous sales people that morning the same question I asked the waitress.  Does my outfit look unusual?  Then I would state that I was wearing support hose.  I am ashamed of myself for doing this because I consider this weird behavior.  I would not point out any other garment that I am wearing.  I feel like I was behaving weird and I made crossdressers look bad.  I also feel like it was deceitful.  I will continue, however, to share in this post some of the different responses I received.

I went to a clothing store.  I asked a couple ladies at a service desk about my outfit.  The could not tell.  I told them I wore support hose and decided to try to wear shorts.  I was worried that it was noticeable and looked bad.  They said it was not noticeable, but they seemed to doubt my story.  I asked a sales lady in the store and she looked at me and said, “because you are wearing stockings?”  She was the only one who saw them.  She did not seem to need to hear that they were support hose.  She acted like it was not unusual.  She said with a smile and a fun laugh that I had pretty legs.  A third clerk in the store mentioned a man who works with her husband who wears pantyhose.  She said, in a disapproving way, that he did not have to wear them.

The only other notable time I mentioned this to a sales persons was a couple ladies in a small store.  I stepped back and they both looked at me and saw nothing unusual.  I mentioned the support hose and they said they could not see them.  The younger of the two ladies said, “I should have noticed them because my brother wears pantyhose.”  I asked her, “Really?  Does he do it because he has to or does he just want to?”  She responded, with an awkward laugh and “Whatever.”  I understood, and I apologized for asking.

I ate lunch in the outlet mall, but it was unremarkable.

Finally, I went to an outlet store with a large hosiery selection.  I shopped for the first time, I believe, in a store like this while wearing pantyhose openly!  I stood in line between some women and bought my pantyhose with pride!

Other than how I pointed out what I was wearing, it was all a non-event.


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