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Road Trip In Pantyhose With My Wife

June 3, 2012


My wife and I had a weekend get away (no kids!).  After we started out on our trip, I swapped my pants for some shorts.  I was wearing all men’s clothes with women’s nude pantyhose.  We decided to stop on our journey at a mall because my wife needed some heels.  My wife had not been out in public with me wearing anything femme in quite some time.   My wife is somewhat “tolerates” my crossdressing, but she is not supportive.  She was uncomfortable about going into the mall with me dressed this way.  I have had many outings, but she has not.  So this was a big step.  I reassured her that no one would notice.  After some hesitation, she relented.  Of course, no one paid us any attention.  In almost no time, she acted like she forgot how I was dressed.

We spent about an hour in the shoe department.  The attendant who was helping us never showed any sign of noticing my outfit, but sometimes attendants are cool like that.  Then we walked over to the men’s department and found me some exercise pants.  I noticed an older woman who was sitting on a display taking a rest look me up and down, but that was it.  Maybe another guy noticed something odd… He was waiting in line.  Beyond that, I was invisible.  That is my normal experience.

After the mall, we stopped at a gas station.  I went inside without my wife.  As soon as I walked in the door, something that never happens happened.  One (or maybe two) of the clerks looked at me and then looked immediately at my legs.  It was obvious that she noticed.  She started smiling.  In almost no time the second (of three) clerks had a knowing smile too.  I went about my business.  I was looking for a certain brand of chewing gum, but they did not have what I wanted.  I was pretty much in view of them for a couple minutes.  Then the first clerk said, “You can’t find it?”  We spoke briefly about what I was looking for.  No odd reactions.  I compromised and made my selection and the first woman checked me out.  She still had a funny smile, but she was professional.  I asked her, “You noticed, didn’t you?”  She played coy and said, “Noticed what?”  I said, “My outfit.”  She said, “Yes,” and blushed.  I said, “Most people don’t notice.  Is it obvious?”  She answered, “Oh yeah.”  I said, “I don’t see how you women don’t love these things.”  She responded “Oh, no,” and she lost that smile briefly.  I asked her, “Is it bad?”  She said, “I guess not if you’ve got that,” and pointed to my wedding ring.  We finished up our transaction and I smiled and said, “Get yourself one more good look!”  I backed up and sort of put my leg out.  She smiled bigger and took a good look.  Later, my wife and I were in the car about to leave and the woman came out to help someone.  She walked in front of my car.  She made eye contact with me and smiled.  I waved and she waved back.  For the rest of the trip, I was invisible again.

That woman looked at my legs immediately as people would look down when I have gone out in a skirt as a man.  I don’t know why.  I have been in full sun in front of people and the never paid me any attention.  Maybe she likes to look at legs or something.  I don’t know.

I am southern.  Therefore, I am well trained to never even mention race.  But I will in this case, so please pardon me.  This woman was black and over 40.  I have found that black women over 40 are pretty cool about crossdressing.  I have had three women (not counting this one) come out and talk to me about it openly without me starting the conversation when I have gone out in a skirt.  Two of them (both close to 60) dropped everything they were doing and attached themselves to me and basically interviewed me.  They had no experience with a crossdresser before me.  They were just very curious.  They had all of the rookie questions and everything.  One stuck with me in the mall.  We ended up sitting and eating ice cream together.  Another woman whom I have mentioned in a different post, sat by me on the plane.  She asked me all kinds of questions in full voice.  I kept shushing her.  She stuck with me all the way until we had both found our luggage.  I do not know why some older black women are this way.  It is fascinating (and great).


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