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Vacation Crossdressing

July 1, 2012

Having children has really decreased my crossdressing.  There once was a point in time when I used to do something once or twice a week.  It might be nothing more than take a morning walk before work wearing something feminine.  Since my wife is not very accepting, I try not to wear stuff around her too much.  Since I do not want my crossdressing to be public knowledge, I do not dress in public near where I live very much.  That leaves very little!  Basically, I do most of my wearing when I am traveling.  Sometimes, I have taken trips so that I could go out crossdressed.  But still, my crossdressing is rather rare.

For the last few years, I have gone on vacations with my family.  We have gone to vacations spots.  I have at least had pantyhose with me on these trips.  In early mornings or in the evenings after my kids were asleep, I would go out for a walk/run, or go check our e-mail at a Wi-fi spot, etc.  My wife was not too concerned about me running into anyone we know, so she did not mind me having an outing.  It was better than nothing, but it was not high octane crossdressing!

I found that wearing skin-toned pantyhose with my shorts and tennis shoes was completely invisible.  I went out in shorts and darker shades of hose some.  Still, it seemed like I was not very visible.  Only a couple people that I ever saw gave me any unusual glance.  I do not love going out dressed in pantyhose in summer because I have leg hair that time of year.  I do not want to represent myself or the crossdressing community poorly.

One night on our last vacation, I put on all feminine clothes, but it looked androgynous.  Black slip-on shoes, black shorts, plain ladies top, and two pairs of skin-toned pantyhose.  My legs did not look natural, but at least the leg hair was hidden.  I went to the place where I could get clean water this way.  I spoke briefly with an older woman there.  She paid my outfit no attention.  Later, I went back there and there were other people there.  One guy noticed.  His wife was on her cellphone.  Although he tried, he could not get her to look my way.  It was a non-event.  He did not speak to me or give me any sort of disapproving look.

Afterward, I went to buy some gas for my car and I stopped in a couple stores.  Again, these were non-events.  If anyone noticed, they did not make a big deal out of it.  However, I was getting to dress up and go out in public.  I do not know why it matters, but being able to go out in public matters so much.

I offer you my apologies for writing such a boring post, but I want to cover the highlights of my crossdressing, and these days… this is about as good as it gets!


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