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Christmas Shopping Outing 2012

July 2, 2012


It has been a slow year.  I think that this was my third outing this year.  Yesterday, I drove to a nearby city and wore my skirt, blouse, heels, etc., no makeup/wig, and did (some of) my Christmas shopping.  The previous year when I did this, it was so pleasant.  This year it was not.  It was busy (maybe the economy is improving), the weather was bad, every traffic light was long…  There were SO many people in the stores.  But I got out, I felt pretty, I did my shopping, and I did not do anything weird.


First, I went to a large shoe store and looked for Keds.  There was an older lady (70-80) whose stuff was on the seat near the Keds rack.  I looked at the Keds and continued browsing down the aisle.  There were no other Keds, so I returned to look again.  She was sitting on the seat by her belongings this time.  I did not know if she had paid me any attention.  I told her I was looking at the shoes in front of where she was sitting.  I said, “I do not want to creep you out by hovering over you.”  She said, “I don’t creep out easily.”  I would have said this no matter how I was dressed, but I wondered if she was referring to my clothes.  This time I found some size 12 Keds and went to the other seat on the aisle.  She and I started talking.  The shoes were too small and she said, “They are too small, I can see your pinky toes bulging the sides.”  She and I chatted about kids (and grandkids and great-grandkids) while I walked in the shoes.  She never mentioned my outfit.  I was just another person!

There were several kids at the mall.  I had checked the school district calendars, and thought school was in session.  I was a bit frustrated by this.  While walking in the mall, I passed a man and two ~8 year old girls.  One kids said, “What the…”  That was the only “negative” experience.

After I did all of my Christmas shopping, I went to a ladies’ wear store.  They were very helpful.  I was shopping for a dress.  I tried on a few sweater dresses.  They found one that was a nice fit and it was pretty.  The print distracted away from my shoulders.  My favorite quote from that store was, “You have the legs that I wish I had.”  One of the clerks, probably in her early 50’s, said she used to model.  She had me walking the aisle in the store.  She said that my walk was good and that the outfit looked cute on me.  A customer nodded and said, “it is cute.”  They said that they get a few crossdressers in their store.  Normally, they wear makeup and a wig.  The model said she preferred me being me and not faking it.  I told her that for me, it was about the clothes.  I told them, however, a lot of CDs consider themselves a girl when dressed and that they would not be satisfied without having a girl’s head.  I finished up there and went home.  I did not buy the dress yet, but I think I might!


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