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“Are you waiting to try that on?”

July 3, 2012


I went shopping while wearing pantyhose with men’s shorts and shoes.  I went to a consignment store.  They only had household items and women’s clothes.  I picked out a dress and a skirt to try on.  A teenager was in the only dressing room.  Another woman was shopping nearby me.  The other woman asked me, “Are you waiting to try that on?  You can go ahead of me.”  I have never had anything like that happen before.

Earlier, before I tried anything on, I asked an employee if they allowed men to try clothes on.  I noticed the customer glance over.  I thought I was being quiet, but perhaps not.  She and I had been shopping near each other for 10 minutes.  I may have looked like I was done shopping and was waiting for the dressing room.

Later, after I tried on the dress, while I was still holding it, the store owner walked past me and said in a hushed tone, “You can try that on.”  I said I already did.  I ended up putting the dress back on and the nice customer and the store owner helped me select a belt to wear with it.  I do not think that the store owner heard my earlier request of the employee.  I think she might have just been experienced enough to know that I was shopping for myself.

After some arguing with myself, I decided to buy the dress and the belt.  After wearing it a few minutes, I started getting the notion and ended up walking out of the store wearing my newly bought clothes.  I thanked the customer who turned out to be a friend of the store’s owner.  She told me she used to know someone who was “of an alternative lifestyle” who died and she decided to become more accepting of people.  All I know is that she treated me like I was important and normal.  I appreciated her kindness.  I was in my man head, my (first) black dress, my belt, and my socks and men’s tennis shoes.  Not the most tasteful ensemble.

When I was checking out, there was a man at the counter.  I walked up beside him and waited to pay.  We said “Hi.”  Later, I looked his way and he and I met eyes again.  He seemed different.  I think he did not realize he was standing by a man in a dress the first time.  I suppose he realized what was going on and had to figure out if he wanted to stay put and risk people thinking he was with me.  I have been out enough that it did not freak me out.  I just looked away and went about my business.  In retrospect, I am a little surprised by myself.

I went to a shoe store after this and tried on some heels with my dress.  The dress is rather casual.  It feels so nice to wear.  It is not confining.  I have never found a dress that I could afford that I felt like it would look good on me.  Before I have only worn skirts and blouses or shorts/pants.  I consider this my first dress!!!

An interesting thing that happened: One of the women asked me “What are you going for?” when I was asking for some advice.  I did not know how to answer her.  Now, I cannot remember how we sorted out the conversation, but we did come to a consensus, I suppose.


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