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In Public as a Man in a Dress

July 4, 2012


It was going to be my last outing of the leg-shaving season.  It was my first outing in about a month.  I shaved my legs for the last time.  On my previous outing, I bought a calf-length, casual, black dress.  For this outing, I put on my dress, nude hose, wide ladies’ belt, and my heels.  I was presenting male.  I only had a couple hours for my outing.  I went to the consignment shop where I bought the dress.

I walked into the store and both ladies who were working were the ones who helped me when I was shopping for the dress (the owner and an employee).  They both said, “Very cute!” when I came in.  They were happy and helpful.  I looked around a little and tried on some clothes.  But I did not come to shop, just to visit.

Several customers came and went.  Most of them saw me and then went on about their business.  One customer in the clothing section where I was had this look that I would describe as “Eww” on her face for a brief moment when she first saw me.  But later, she was talking to me like I was her next door neighbor.  We were talking about clothes and our children, etc.

While I was shopping, the employee asked me when was I going to come in and take them out to lunch.  I think she was serious.  I am NOT going out one-on-one with a woman to eat.  Let’s get that straight.  Her suggestion was that I come in dressed and we go out to a restaurant.  That would be a first!  Be in public with a woman who does not mind my crossdressing…  But I am not doing that so close to home nor one-on-one!

The owner of the store left for lunch.  The employee and I were talking.  I asked if there was any work I could do for them while I was there, but there wasn’t.  Then she said I could help her with her relationship issues.  She started telling me about a relationship she is in.  She asked me for some advice.

While I was in the store I was talking to the employee and the chatty customer.  Let’s call the chatty customer “A”.  Another customer, “B”, started browsing the clothes nearby.  The employee was pulled away from where we were.  “B” would talk to “A” and look at her, but she would not look at me.  “B” directed most of her comments to “A”.  She would respond when I spoke to her, but she was clearly reacting differently to me.  Anyhow, when she got to the shoes, I made a comment that most of the shoes were size 9.  After browsing a little, she asked me about the pricing on certain colored tags.  She thought I worked there!  I told her what I knew to be true and then I confessed that I did not work there.  It made me happy to be considered a reasonable candidate to be an SA.

After I left the consignment shop, I went to a furniture store.  There is something I legitimately want to buy.  (I considered going there first, but I chickened out.)  I walked into the store.  The female SA never showed ANY reaction to my clothes.  She helped me and walked me to various examples.  She literally showed no sign of surprise or concern about my unusual outfit.  It felt very normal.


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