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Opaque Tights

October 7, 2012

I have never been pleased with opaque tights. They are only opaque at the ankles and they are somewhat see-through everywhere else. I need something opaque if I am going to stop shaving my legs occasionally!!! I finally saw someone wearing tights that were opaque (black). I asked her what brand they were or where to find them. She told me that at Target there are $10 tights and there are $12 tights. She said these are the $12 tights. I have worn them once and indeed, they are opaque. Even on my six foot tall frame. I have not worn them enough to say whether they are comfortable or will last, etc.

I just wanted to share that with the Internet. There is something worth buying at one American store. :).


UPDATE:  I have worn these tights 5-10 more times.  They are still in good shape.  They are still the most opaque tights I have ever owned.  They are tall enough for me, but I would prefer if they were slightly taller.  They do not slide down very much, but they do not feel like they fit quite right.  I am glad I bought these tights.  Mostly, I wear them on cold days under my pants.


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  1. While I mostly wear pantyhose I will wear tights or opaques when I want extra warmth, when I go skiing or when I want full leg coverage. Silkies used to sell Opaque pantyhose. They had issues with stretching out over time. They now sell microfiber tights that fit and stay up much better and afford very nice full leg coverage on my 6’+ frame.

  2. Gary permalink

    I have used an epilator so many times on my legs that very little hair comes back. Also the hair that returns is thinner and easier to pull the next time.

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