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Christmas Shopping Outing 2012 Part 1

December 14, 2012

Once again, I went on my annual Christmas shopping trip.  This year, I traveled about an hour and a half away from home and did my Christmas shopping while wearing a black skirt, a green blouse, black pantyhose, and black women’s shoes.  As usual, I had no breasts, no makeup, and no wig.  I wore flats most of the day, but I did wear my heels briefly.  The skirt that I wore was one that I borrowed from my wife.  I seem to have “outgrown” the black skirt I have worn previously.  Since my outfit only has some minor pockets in the blouse, I wore a lanyard with a pouch that contained my license, credit card, and some cash.

Over all, I would say that it was a non-event.  Almost everyone who saw me glanced down at my lower half.  When one member of a couple or group would see me, they would subtly tell their companion(s) to glance my way.  Normally, after an initial look, people went on about their business.  Some people would venture to take additional looks (and so would I if I were them).

I was profoundly more relaxed than I used to be when I would go out in public.  I was on a mission and I had limited time. I found a parking space near my first stop.  I saw a group of construction workers about 100 feet (30 meters) away.  I was nervous, but I stepped out of my car anyway.  I locked my door and put money in the parking meter.  I looked toward the eight construction workers and saw that they were huddled close to each other.  They were all looking my way.  That was a bit unnerving, but I proceeded.  I passed a couple people on the sidewalk with no incident.

My first stop was a small “mom and pop” restaurant for breakfast.  When I walked up to the door, a couple other people approaching the door from the other direction.  Seeing me was a bit of a surprise for them, I think.  When we all tried to enter the restaurant at the same time, there was some confusion.  The woman in the couple ended up holding the door for me.  Normally, in this part of the country, I would have held it for her.  We all three entered the lobby.  The hostess asked, “Three?”  It made me feel good.  I would love to go out with other plain-clothed people while crossdressed.  But, not yet…  When I was being seated, I didn’t notice people paying much attention to me.  I was nervous since this was the start of my outing.  I did not look around much to see if people were watching me.  The servers treated me nicely and I ate my breakfast and left.

After breakfast, I began going to stores to do my Christmas shopping.  The first store was a small store manned by a young man who couldn’t have been older than 22.  I tried to open the door and enter, but it was locked.  The young man was energetic and polite as he let me in.  The two of us were the only people in the little store.  He checked on me once or twice.  He did not react to me any differently than older sales people.  The next store was also small and the female attendant was equally polite.  Another non-event.  It was nice to start the day with these two small locations.  It helped me get past my nervousness.  My next stop was the mall.

At the mall, I went into a large anchor store.  Since it was rather early in the day, it was not heavily crowded yet.  However, there were plenty of customers.  I walked around the store in the aisles (not hiding in the racks of clothes).  I held with my head up because I belonged there.  I did not spend my time looking around to see if people were noticing my outfit.  I am progressing to where I do not care who sees me.  When I go out these days, I am just a guy going about my business.  I know I am dressed oddly, but it is not a clown costume.  It is just a skirt.

At the anchor store, I had an incident.  I was looking for a particular gift for my wife and I had to walk past a group of people who were near what I was shopping for.  There were two girls who were store employees.  They were talking to a young man with a tight black shirt and a carefully done hair-do.  I wondered if he was homosexual because of his appearance.  The fourth person in the group was thin a man in his fifties who was wearing a long ladies fur coat.  The way he talked (and dressed) made me wonder if he was a  homosexual as well.  At first, I considered avoiding them, but I thought, “The dude is in a fur coat…  I will be OK.”  As I walked past them, they noticed me and then stopped talking.  They were quiet for a long time.  I got to where I was heading and turned out of the aisle and went in amongst the merchandise.  They could not see me.  But I could hear them.  They started laughing.  Someone must had made a facial or hand gesture.  Their conversation became about people who dressed weird in previous jobs.  I guess I was not dressed well enough for fur coat guy.  It made me angry.  Their conversation moved on to other topics.  Later, fur coat guy did make a comment about himself being gay.

Later, in the same store, I was in a different section.  I was looking for a gift on my list in the kids clothing section.  Two employees helped me.  One of the employees was about 35, and I will call her Fancy Lady.  Fancy Lady had dyed hair with bleached patches in it.  She was wearing bold lipstick, a short, form-fitting sweater dress, skin-tight leggings, and really high heels.  Her nails were artfully done.  Everything about this woman suggested that she cares a LOT about her appearance.  Also, due to her sweater dress, her breasts were very conspicuous.  I am certain that her breasts had been enlarged.  After shopping, I was helped by Fancy Lady at the cash register.  While she checked out my merchandise, I commented that I like sweater dresses, but I cannot wear them because they do not look right on me.  She made a comment about how she is going to have to stop wearing them due to “saddle bags”.  I mentioned my children and we started talking about our families.  She said that she was in the process of adopting another child.  Later she mentioned that she was a single mom.  Later still, she mentioned exactly how old she was.  I talked about my children, etc. and then when another customer arrived, I wished her a Merry Christmas and I left.  Afterward, I started thinking…  That woman told me her age and that she was single.  She wasn’t flirting with me was she?!?  I made sure to tell my wife.  My wife said that she did not think she was necessarily flirting.

I exited the anchor store and went into the mall area.  A few stores down the hall was a Bath and Body Works.  I entered the store to find lotion for my wife.  A pretty Hispanic salesperson greeted me.  I was shopping near where she was standing.  I did not see the lotion I normally get (cucumber/melon).  I spoke with the sales lady.  While talking to her, I asked her if she spoke Spanish.  We started conversing only in Spanish.  My Spanish is not very good and I do not get many opportunities to practice it.  This lady stuck with me and helped me and treated me like I was important and special to her.  She had no reservations about sticking by my side and walking around the store with me.  It was as if she was particularly happy to have me there.  I bought a few bottles of lotion and wished her a “Feliz Navidad!”

This post has turned out to be rather long.  I decided to split it up.
Here is a link to Part 2
Here is a link to Part 3


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