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Christmas Shopping Outing 2012 Part 2

December 23, 2012

This post is about my experiences Christmas shopping in a skirt, blouse, black pantyhose, but with no wig, breasts, or makeup.  It turned out to be rather long, so I broke it into parts.
Here is a link to part 1

Next, I went to a big book store in the mall.  On one of my early outings in life, I had gone to one of these stores in pantyhose and shorts.  I felt kind of safe there.  This time, I felt too exposed.  The store had a large, open format.  I had to go into open spaces where everyone could see me.  I felt awkward.  I do not know why.  Everyone was polite.  I think I did not like being so open because I did not want someone to take my picture and post it on the Internet.  I decided that I would buy my mom a book on the web instead.

I went to a big office supply store.  I was looking for a big pad of poster-sized paper for my wife.  Big pads of paper were on the wall past the end of an aisle.  A man in the aisle saw me.  He looked at me.  I did not see what I was looking for and walked on.  The man seemed to start following me.  When I am out like this, I normally get a “double take” from people, but that’s about it.  This guy started to follow me, which is unusual.  I wondered if he was also a crossdresser.  After he walked about ten feet, he turned and went back to where he was.  I asked a salesperson, and she told me that I should go back to that location because it was the only place I would find a large pad of paper.  I went back for a second look.  The man saw me again and approached me and said, “Do you work here?”  I said no, and that was the end of that.  (The importance of this conversation will become apparent later…)

My next stop was a sporting goods store.  When I walked in, there at a display in the front of the store about 20 feet ahead of me.  There were two young, female employees who were about 22 years old.  These were athletic ladies.  They looked tough.  I figured that some guy dressed femininely like me might be hilarious to them.  They definitely looked at me and became distracted.  However, they behaved in no uncommon way toward me.  They politely said hello to me as I walked by them.  They did not react further.  I ended up doing a lot of shopping in this store.  There was one group of three shoppers, a family I think, where one member saw me and then circled the group around to get another look.  Their reaction was what I will call a “silent snicker”.  They saw me and all made a quick turn and huddled.  I did not like that, but I really did not care.  I have really become “thick-skinned” about this.

Eventually, while I was still at the sporting goods store, a male customer came straight up to me and asked me, “Where are the duffle bags?”  I said, “I don’t know… I don’t work here.”  That was when I realized that he thought I was an employee because I was wearing a lanyard.  (I mentioned in my first post that I had my ID and money in a pouch on a lanyard.)  I also realized that the customer in the office supply store had made the same mistake.  Two people saw me, a man in a skirt, and came up to me anyway.  I was still legitimate in spite of my clothing choice!

After doing most of my shopping, I had to stand in line in the sporting goods store.  The store was arranged so that all customers who were checking out were corralled into one line.  The next available cashier could summon the person in the front of the line.  I stood in that line for ten to fifteen minutes.  The people around me were just normal.  I was not a carnival attraction that needed stares or glances.  At first I thought it would be uncomfortable to stand in that line.  However, it turned out to be no big deal.  I was just some guy shopping.  A couple years ago, I could not have done this.  I would have waited for the line to die down and eventually just left the store with nothing.  I have really grown confident!

Next, I went to a large clothing store.  Again, no big deal.  At one point, a man and his wife were walking in the direction from which I was coming.  When we got about five feet apart, the man asked me for some help.  I told them that I did not work there.  However, I was tempted to offer my help anyway.  I did not.  I found it fascinating that people thought that I was an employee and disregarded that I was in a skirt.  My clothing was not significant enough to keep them from talking to me.  Only the first guy seemed to have reservations about approaching me.  The more I go out dressed, the more I think that people do not care very much.  I also find that I do not care very much either.

While I was in line to pay at this store, two young ladies were in front of me in line.  They had seen me previously in the store and had done the “silent snicker”.  (I only saw two silent snickers the whole day.)  They realized I was behind them in line and, I suppose, they were awkward.  They were young and silly.  I assume they were in their very early 20’s.  They got into a disagreement about whether a stuffed animal was a rabbit or a kangaroo.  I looked at it.  Then the bolder of the two girls asked me what I thought.  I think they wanted to start a conversation with me.  I looked and said, “Kangaroos have long tails.  I think it is a rabbit.”  The other girl celebrated being right.  The wrong girl had stood her ground well before that and did not want to accept defeat, but she did.  They continued chatting between themselves as we all waited.  Eventually, they were served.  The kangaroo girl had a paper that represented cash and she used it to pay.  It was like a gift card or something.  She paid and had about two dollars left in change.  She considered buying something more to use it up.  Then she offered it to me.  I accepted and said, “It was totally a kangaroo.”  We all had a laugh and they walked away.  Then we wished each other a Merry Christmas.

This post has turned out to be rather long.  I decided to split it up.
Here is a link to Part 3


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