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Christmas Shopping Outing 2012 Part 3

December 27, 2012

This post is about my experiences Christmas shopping in a skirt, blouse, black pantyhose, but with no wig, breasts, or makeup. It turned out to be rather long, so I broke it into parts.
Here is a link to part 1
Here is a link to part 2

I went to a lower priced shoe store to shop for myself some.  The lady working at the store saw me when I first arrived and immediately offered help. I did not accept.  They had some larger ladies’ shoes, but the one pair that I loved, they did not have in my size.  I tried on a pair a half size too small.  The lady working at the store came back and joined me and tried to offer help.  She was eager to be helpful.

Next, I went to lunch.  It was late for lunch.  I had waited in order to avoid the crowds.  I went to a cafeteria style restaurant.  As soon as I came in, two men sitting dressed in construction clothes saw me.  They sat at their table and gave me a long, hateful look.  They continued to give me this look as I walked toward the serving line.  I have never been reacted to this way before.  I got to the food and forgot about them.  It did not upset or frighten me.  I am impressed with myself.  I got my food and then carried my tray to find a table.  I was a bit unnerved at this point.  I was walking past 6-10 tables of people.  At least half of the people were older.  I felt on display.  Everyone either ignored me or did not care.  I walked toward the back where there was an open table with two chairs.  I sat down and realized that the end of the restaurant where I was seated had exactly one man at each table.  I think I was the only one in a skirt!

My waitress was a Hispanic woman.  She was entirely natural and friendly with me.  We talked in Spanish.  She was a lot like the previous Hispanic woman at Bath and Body Works.  At one point, we were talking and I asked her about various clothing names.  She was telling me the Spanish words for shirt, shorts, and socks.  When she told me the word for socks, she said ‎”calcetines”.  I thought the word for socks was “medias”.  I know “medias” is the word for “stockings”, but I thought that it was like the older British use of “stockings” simply meaning “socks”.  She said, “No, those are medias, these are calcetines.”  She pointed at my hosed legs.  It seemed like it was just normal conversation.  She acted like every third customer was a crossdresser.  Very interesting.

After lunch, I returned to shopping.  I stopped at a couple other stores but nothing notable happened.  The time came for me to start driving toward home.  A mile down the road, while I was waiting at a traffic light, I saw the sign for a home store.  It is basically an extremely large hardware store.  A very manly place.  I have thought about how difficult it would be to go to a big home store while crossdressed.  I decided to do it.  I thought of a couple things that I might need and went in.  I was so nervous.  I met no one when I entered.  I turned immediately and went into the garden center.  It seemed safer.  I asked an employee about sod, but they had none.  I walked to the back of the garden center and re-entered the store.  I walked along comfortably.  I encountered almost no one, and no one reacted any differently than in other stores.  I relaxed.  I went to the tools section and selected a replacement drill bit.  I walked up to the cash registers, waited in line, then paid and went back to my truck.  Another non-event!

As I drove home, I decided to stop at a mall I had not been to in many years.  This mall was the first mall where I purchased pantyhose.  It was so far from home that I felt safe.  Back then, I went into the different stores’ hosiery sections and asked the clerks questions and asked about if they ever had male customers, etc.  I felt safe there.  These days, that mall has declined.  There was only one anchor store left.  In the main mall area, all of the national chain stores have been replaced with locally owned stores.  The mall used to be filled with flourishing shops and abundant shoppers.  Now, it has many empty stores.  The only store with a name that I recognized was Chick-fil-a.  I got in line there to get a milkshake.  I sat at a table and waited for my milkshake to be ready.  I think the food court only had that one restaurant left in it.  I went to the trash can with my milkshake and threw away my straw paper.  I spoke to a woman seated nearby and mentioned how long it had been since my last visit to that mall and how much it had changed.  The woman smiled politely at me while I spoke to her.  Then she commented on how it had changed.

I visited several more stores in the mall.  I found one gift.  Even though these small stores did not have corporate offices with diversity policies and tolerance training, I was treated equally well by the employees.  One store I went into was a costume store.  I was looking for a costume that my son wants.  The girl at the counter could not have been any older than 19.  She, like everyone else, was unaffected by my outfit.  I guess what I am trying to express is my surprise that people do not care whether a man wears a skirt or pants.

After that, I hurried home because I was later than I wanted to be.  It was a very nice day out in public dressed however I felt like being dressed!

Now, I want to go to a Christmas party in a skirt or maybe in a little black dress! I do not see that happening this year!!


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  1. I like your story. Some day I would like to go out on a similar adventure. I am 90 years old and wonder if i could do it.

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