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I Sold Some Feminine Clothes At A Yard Sale

September 8, 2013

It is starting to cool down.  The summer is ending.  I will probably not go swimming any more this season.  I can avoid wearing shorts.  It’s time to shave my legs!!  I did that this Saturday.  My wife was out of the house and the kids were sleeping.  I trimmed and shaved my legs.  I put on some rather old pantyhose (I need to do some shopping).  It felt so good!  Smooth legs feel better in hose.  Also, the hose hold on tighter to smooth legs.  Even though those hose have been worn all day about 10-20 times, they felt great and kept in place all day on my shaved legs.  The last time I wore them, they stayed put, but not this well!  Hopefully, I will have some outings soon.  Probably, I will post about them.

I tried on my small collection of feminine clothes.  I separated out items that I know I will not wear again and took them to the yard sale my wife was working at.  I put the clothes with the other clothes.  I told my wife that I put some of my “nice clothes” over there.  She said, “OK” and gave me a knowing look.  Then, the very next customer who came to that table immediately picked up the shorts and pants that I had placed there and looked at the size on the labels and held them up to herself.  Later, I noticed that my wife was speaking to the lady about the pants.  I approached, but resolved not to say anything because I did not want to make my wife uncomfortable.  They were done talking about the clothes by the time I started paying attention.

The lady ended up buying two pairs of my shorts and one pair of my pants.  No one bought the shirt that I had brought.  It turned out that the lady asked my wife about how the pants had fit her.  My wife thought they were some other pants and had given a sincere answer.  When I told my wife that those were my pants, I learned that we had miscommunicated.  My wife did not understand what I meant by “nice clothes” and had thought I was selling my nice guy clothes.  I guess the knowing look that I thought I saw was a look of confusion.  Obviously, we need to go on some dates to recalibrate our coded and unspoken communications.

Thanks for reading and happy Autumn!


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