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I Attended a Meeting in a Skirt

December 22, 2013

December 19, 2013

First, I have done some shopping lately and have found some clothes that I think look nice.  Second, I have not been able to go out of town for any monthly outings this winter.  That is an uncomfortable combination.  I have nice clothes and basically no good opportunity to wear them.  What this has caused me to do is go out crossdressed dangerously close to home.

My wife and I do not want our normal acquaintances to know about my crossdressing.  I try to accommodate that by driving as far as I reasonably can during my lunch break to somewhere I think is “safe”.  I have gone shopping a couple times.  There have been rare trips to a restaurant in some sort of feminine clothing.  Twice in a skirt.  I have posted about some of these outings on my blog.  This month, I took it up a notch.

I visited the website of a sort of religious organization that, from what I can tell, either believes in everything or does not believe in anything specific.  They have a lot of liberal views on social issues.  They have activities for gay members, etc.  I figured that this would be a safe place to crossdress without being outed.  The organization is sufficiently far from home and work to make me feel safe enough to try it.  They had a small group meeting scheduled for lunch in the middle of the day.  I e-mailed the contact person and I was invited to attend.  I did not bother to mention that I was a crossdresser.

When I arrived, I was a bit late and so were a couple other members.  We walked in together.  I was dressed in black heels, nude pantyhose, a long black skirt (mid shin length), a grey and black striped blouse, and a black short cardigan sweater.  My head was all male, as usual for me.  The people I walked in with paid me no particular attention.  On our way in through the building, we passed some construction workers who were working on an addition to the building.  I did not consider running into outsiders when I went to the meeting.  We walked past them and went into the room for the meeting.  A couple people greeted me and the rest were oblivious to me.  There were a total of nine attendees to the meeting.

Before I go any farther with my story, I want to clarify that I have had lots of outings to stores where salespeople are either trained, or experienced, or not surprised that they will encounter CDs.  I have been seen by the general public, but I have not had to interact with them.  I have gone on a trip on a plane where I sat by someone for a while and talked.  I have been approached in public while dressed by a woman and talked for a while.  I have no real experience beyond that of dealing with the general public directly.  This outing was quite different because I was going to be dealing directly with people who will be talking to me and listening to me.  They might ask me my name or where I work or live, just like they would when I am in menswear.  If they are uncomfortable with me, they are not going to be able to give me a dirty look and ignore me.  They might have to shake my hand and say, “Hello.”  This was new territory for me.  I was not too worried since this group of people have a rainbow on their front door to invite in alternative people.  I figured I would be in a non-hostile environment.  I was about to form my first relationships with people while I was crossdressed.

Eventually, people came around and greeted me.  Perhaps my outfit made them a little hesitant.  Perhaps the group was hesitant like this normally.  I suppose I will find out if I keep attending and see a new person arrive for the first time.  Most or all of the people in the group were retired.  There were three people who might be under 65.  I expected this because the group met during the workday.  I got in line and got some food and went to a couch and sat on the end opposite a woman who looked like she was no older than 60.

She immediately greeted me politely and brought up my crossdressing.  She wanted me to know she thought it was great, etc.  She was awkward about what she said because she did not want to be rude or offensive.  She told me she used to have a gay friend who would wear a tunic.  We spoke briefly about crossdressing and then I moved the conversation to other topics because I did not want to dwell on it on my first visit and in my first conversation.

The rest of the meeting was a regular meeting for them.  There was a topic, the leader led the conversation.  I contributed.  Crossdressing was not part of the conversation.  At the very end I told everyone that I was not out to the world and to please treat my crossdressing as a matter of confidence.  They agreed.  Other than that, the whole meeting was me being normal and being treated as normal while interacting with people for over an hour.

After the meeting, I tried to get a picture of me with some other attendees.  I had forgotten to bring my camera, so I stopped at one of those one dollar stores.  I bought a $12 camera.  It was a waste of money.  The camera displayed “26” on the back to tell me how many pictures I had left.  We took two or three.  The number on the back decreased.  When I got home, it displayed 26 again.  I tried to attach it to my computer, but it did not install successfully.  I needed the original CD.  I am pretty sure there was not one in the packaging.  I searched the web and there was no software available for download.  The camera was worthless.  Completely worthless.  It was a Vivitar by brand.  However, it is more helpful to say that I recommend that you should not bother buying a camera from one of those dollar-type stores.

I spoke with a couple of the women in the meeting about my outfit and asked if some of my doubts about it were true.  This was a new thing.  Normally, I only have salespeople to ask for fashion opinions.  Their opinions are normally biased toward, “It’s beautiful on you, buy it!!”  These women at the meeting did not fully know how to respond to me, but they did approve of my outfit.  I asked if I looked like a grandmother of if my clothes did not match my age.  They said no.  But I did look like a “church lady”.  I said, “I am OK with that.”  I think they said that because I was in a skirt and hose.

If I attend another meeting, I will wear flats.  I was so much taller than everyone there.  I will still be taller, but not as towering, (and not as pretty…).


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