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I Attended Another Meeting in a Skirt

January 25, 2014

1/23/2014 Last month, I attended a small group meeting at a liberal religious organization.  I went back to a second meeting while crossdressed.  This time, I was much less nervous.  Because of work, I did not leave as early as I had hoped.  The meeting had already started when I arrived.  I came in and sat down.

People who knew me from last time silently greeted me.  There were two women at the meeting whom I had not met.  I noticed one of the women take several looks at me.  When I spoke during the meeting, she responded to what I said as though she had no reservations about a man in a skirt.

I wore a denim skirt, flats, red turtle neck and a black cardigan.  As usual, I presented male. During the meeting, I knew I was going to have to leave early.  The meeting was over an hour long.  I feel like I do not have enough time to go to these meetings during my lunch break.  It is not a short drive either.

At one point a woman excused herself because she had to leave.  I decided to exit with her.  I said my farewells.  People said good-bye to us.  She and I walked out the door together talking politely.  She and I spoke at the previous meeting as well.  I asked her for feedback on my outfit.  She approved.  She asked me if I was going back to work dressed like this.  I told her no.  I am not that public…

Afterward, I went to a shoe store to buy some shoes I had seen previously.  They were no longer there.  I asked the sales clerk who was helping me to take my picture.  Then I went back to work in drab. IMG_1107-3


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