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I Bought Some Real Keds!

March 20, 2014

I visited a consignment store near my house a few weeks ago.  I mentioned to the owner that I would like to buy some white, canvas Keds shoes on-line, but did not want to associate buying large ladies shoes with my home address or with my credit card.  She offered to buy them for me.  Later, I went back to the store and the owner happily ordered the shoes for me.  I paid her the price of the shoes.  She refused any extra.

I did some shopping in her store for something casual that I could wear with Keds.  If you are unaware, Keds Champion shoes are a casual, flat, sneaker.  They were really common when I was young and in grade school.  A lot of women still wear them.  Recently, Vans and another company have started making shoes that look almost identical to Keds.  The owner of the store found a blue and white striped skirt for me to try.  I loved it.  It fit me pretty well and seemed perfect.  I needed a top to go with it.  I found a button-up white top at a thrift store and a short half-slip to go with the striped skirt.

My shoes came in.  The owner of the store e-mailed me and included a little text smiley face.  I don’t know if she was excited, but I was.  Once before, I bought some fake Keds at a discount shoe store.  They did not feel very high quality.  After an eventual purge, those shoes were gone.  So, I was ready for some casual shoes.

I went to the store and brought my outfit.  I went in.  The owner greeted me as happily as ever.  While I was talking freely with her, a woman came out of the dressing room.  I started re-thinking what had I said?  I could not remember.  The woman spoke to the owner about what she had tried on.  As the customer was leaving, the owner said, “Don’t worry, she’s OK about it.”  Apparently, the owner had warned the customer that there was a crossdresser scheduled to come in soon.  The owner said, “I told her a crossdresser was coming and she said,  ‘Oh Cool!'”  Now, I don’t know what was actually said, but it was nice to think someone would say, “Oh, cool!”

I tried on my new Keds and they fit great!  I put on my outfit and came out.  I asked the owner to take my picture (below).  Then I left there to go back to that Mexican restaurant again.  Unfortunately, it was very crowded.  I assume there was an office party or something going on. I did not have the nerve to go in.  I ended up only going to a pharmacy and buying something boring that I needed. It was just an excuse to get out and be seen.  Then, I changed clothes and went back to work.

It was a bit disappointing, but I got to go out in my pretty skirt and Keds. I still enjoyed it.



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