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Christmas Shopping 2014

December 4, 2014


I went Christmas shopping again while dressed pretty. I have been doing my Christmas shopping in some sort of feminine attire for about 10 years. This year, I wore a gray and black wrap dress over a black shirt to cover my chest, nude pantyhose, and either heels or flats. I also had a blue jean jacket which had pockets. Eventually, it served as a purse when I stopped wearing it. I presented male, as usual. Frankly, it was almost boring…

I first stopped for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Since it was my first stop, I was a bit nervous. I sat in my car with my feet out for a few minutes. I finally became confident enough to get up and go in. The hostess took me to a seat. There were not many customers, but a few people looked my way as I entered the dining room. Non-event. Then my server came. She was one of those who had seen me. She was a bit over-the-top friendly to me and all of her other patrons. I started to wonder if she had even noticed my outfit. At some point, I mentioned being glad my jacket had pockets and she recommended I carry a purse. She was as friendly and encouraging as possible. While leaving the restaurant, an older woman on staff encouraged me to do some shopping in their store. Again, I could not tell if she even noticed my outfit by how unaffected she was.

Grocery Store
I stopped at a grocery store to get some candy for my children’s Christmas stockings and some chewing gum for me. No one paid me any special attention. I think a few customers reacted to me with that look of surprise that suggests they do not know if they should continue on or avoid me. But that was not common. The cashier was very casual. When I finished paying I looked back and wished her a good morning. Both she and the woman behind me in line smiled and responded.

Toy Store
Next, I went to a toy store. I had been wearing heels, but at this point I put on my flats. I bought a lot in the toy store. I shopped there for about an hour. At one point, a helpful sales clerk helped me find some things. Otherwise, it was completely normal shopping. (I told you it was almost boring.) There were a dozen other shoppers in the store at least. One female customer saw me and appeared to suppress a smile or laugh. I did not avoid men like I used to do. The men reacted to seeing me like the women did. At one point, a female senior citizen and I were looking at the same shelf. We started talking. She did not do anything that seemed “supportive”, but she did not seem to shun me either. I tried to help her find what she was looking for. She thanked me for my help. I finished my shopping and left the store.

Department Store
I kept on my flats and went to a department store that was going out of business. I looked around at clothing briefly. I looked at menswear and shoes. I noticed their hosiery section. Since everything in the store was on sale, I bought a few brands I have never tried before. The woman whom I paid started talking and she took me over to the clothing section and made some helpful suggestions. She was another person who treated me like I was not dressed unusual. She was completely comfortable with me in my dress.

Hosiery Store
Next, I went to a Hanes Brands outlet store. This store sells intimate apparel including hosiery. Leggs brand of hosiery is cheaper here than in other stores. Also, my preferred brand of pantyhose, Leggs Sheer Energy Active Support, are no longer easy to find in stores. I was eager to go here. I put on my heels for this store. I went straight back to the hosiery section, found my brand of hose and got a lot of them. I might not find another pair for sale anywhere else. If I do not come here to buy them, I might have to shop online. A sales woman came to help me. I asked about a couple other items. One item I asked about was a panty girdle for me. I have started putting on weight on my stomach. I think my metabolism has started to change. I have been feeling self-conscious about my appearance. She helped me select an item to try on. I put it on over my pantyhose (and under my dress, of course) and then came out. The two sales ladies said that it helped my figure and my posture a lot. Another benefit was that I could tuck the middle of my full slip into the waistband and stop my slip from showing. Apparently, it had been showing in the back all morning. I cut the tags off of the garment and wore it to the register to pay.
While checking out, I asked the sales lady if they get a lot of men. She said I would be surprised by how many men they do get. I was not surprised. I told her that her store is one location where all crossdressers feel the urge to make a “pilgrimage”. I think Victoria’s Secret lingerie store is another. She told me that she gets men who dress fully with wig and makeup, transgender people, drag performers, men in drab, etc. She said some senior trans-people come in that are stunning. She said that she cannot tell sometimes that some of these customers were born male. I asked how I could make my outfit better. She suggested that I take not wear the blue jean jacket. She thought the denim did not match the style of the dress. I thanked the ladies for their help and left the store.

I put back on my flat shoes and went to a shopping mall. I carried my jacket instead of wearing it. I used the pockets of the jacket to carry my money, ID, etc. I was starting to run short on time. I tried to find some shoes for my daughter in a few stores. I try to avoid being seen by children so that I do not inspire them to try crossdressing. I also do not want to force their parents into an awkward conversation explaining why that man is in a dress. I found that there were a lot of parents with their kids shopping for shoes. I decided I would find some shoes at a later time. I ended up walking the entire loop of the mall. I shopped in a few other stores as I went. A lot of the public saw me while I walked. I did not notice any snickers or people getting their family members to quickly take a look at me. People took their glances. Otherwise, I was treated like any other member of the public. Some people smiled at me politely. If I said, “Hello” to anyone, they politely responded appropriately.

At this point, I was had planned on eating lunch, but I was running out of time because I wanted to go to a nearby University for some events that were going on. Before my trip, I had searched for events in the area while I would be shopping. I found that the University was having a special day where students were presenting their senior projects. I drove to the campus and found a parking space. I sat in the car for a minute debating with myself about whether to wear my heels or my flats. Finally, I said out loud, “Am I a man or not!?” and I put on my heels. In retrospect, I find that rather humorous that I equate manliness with doing the tougher thing of wearing pretty heels instead of comfortable flat shoes. (Manly Grunt)
I forgot to print a map of the campus, so I had to go on memory. I found what I thought was the right building. I asked a student and she verified. I went in, found where the first talk was being held and found a seat. This talk would include a short film that they presented. This was apparently a very popular session to attend because the room was packed with students. I think some of the students were dressed up more for the occasion. About one third of the female students were in skirts and tights. It was nice not being the only one in a dress. On the college campus, I felt the least gawked at. I wondered if the younger people would be more inclined to point, giggle, or to snap pictures with their phones. Instead, they were less likely to take extra glances or seem uncomfortable. I sat in one of the few remaining seats. Some more students came in and a few girls sat in the aisle beside my seat. After the talk, there was a question and answer time. I had a question that I asked. (I had selected talks that I was interested in.) After this group finished, they started preparing for the next group to present their film. I did not realize this session was going on for hours. I was planning on going to a different talk. I asked the girls on the floor to excuse me as I got up. I offered my seat to a particular student because she was sitting on the floor in a skirt. I thought she needed my seat the most.
I walked to where the second talk would occur. I spoke to a couple students in the hall. Two international students seemed very comfortable with me. I attended this talk and enjoyed it, but nothing notable happened. After the talk, I wanted to stay longer. I went back to the first room and watched an additional film while standing in the back. After the talks, I tried to find somewhere to eat on campus. I walked to two cafes but found nothing I wanted to eat on the menus. While walking around campus, my feet were starting to hurt. At one point, I was walking along and a male student who was standing with a group of four students made eye contact and said hello to me. They were juggling and dressed like they liked people who differed from the norm. At another time, a female student walking along the sidewalk made eye contact with me and waved and politely said, “Hi.” I eventually walked back to my car and left the campus.

Fancy Mall
At this point, I could have (and probably should have) started toward home. However, my yearning to keep going was what led me. I still did not have a picture of me in my dress. I drove to an old fancy building that is sort of like a shopping mall. This was the first place I walked out in public in a skirt when I started doing my Christmas shopping this way, several years ago. I put on my heels for the picture. I found that my feet were very weary. I walked around and asked a shop clerk from a make-over salon if she would take my picture. She happily agreed. After I saw my pictures, I wish that I had posed differently. My stance in the picture looks wrong in a dress. I guess I need to work on that. While I was posing for the picture, a man walked along and stopped and made a comments about what we were doing. I think he thought I was one of her customers. It made me feel awkward having a man stop and pay direct attention to me. After the picture, the man walked into a shop across the hall that sold skincare products. I believe he worked in that store. Upon seeing he was probably friends with the woman taking my photograph, his behavior made more sense to me.

Toy Store
I drove back to the toy store to get more information about a big ticket item we are considering buying for our kids. I collected some information and took some pictures and headed home.

Clothing Store
So, my urge to do something more won again. What I was really doing was looking for somewhere to eat a late lunch. But instead, I stopped at a women’s clothing store. I shopped briefly. I found a skirt that I wanted to try on. I tried on a smaller size than normal. Thanks to the panty girdle, it fit beautifully. I stepped out and asked the sales lady for an opinion. She approved and answered a few of my questions. Then I went back into the dressing room at the same time as another female customer. The customer started talking to me immediately. She was very friendly and seemed rather unrestrained socially. She said I should get a certain pair of shoes and walked me back out of the dressing area to show me some shoes that I would never consider wearing. She said she thought they were very sexy, but she never wears heels. Eventually, she said she never wears skirts, or hose, and that she works with all men and works like a man. She and I talked over the walls in the dressing room while I changed back into my clothes. When we came out of the dressing room, she commented that she had never been in a dressing room at the same time as a man. We talked for a couple more minutes. She complimented my dress and suggested I wear fishnet pantyhose (which I would also never consider). I tried to communicate that I do not want to be sexy. I just wanted to look nice and wear nice clothes. Finally, I bought the skirt and left the store.

Taco Bell
Having still not eaten, and being out significantly later than I wanted to be, I decided to just go to a fast-food restaurant and get my food at the drive through window. I went to a nearby Taco Bell. I suddenly decided I would walk in and get my food to go at the counter. And that is what I did, and it was a normal experience. Some fast food restaurants have staff that I fear might make an unpleasant scene. However, here there was no negative reaction. In fact, I do not know if anyone saw what I was wearing due to the counter. I waited in line with other customers and then I got my drink and waited for my food with other customers. I found that eating while wearing the girdle was unpleasant. When the time came to change later, I was eager to remove that thing.

It was a nice day of Christmas shopping. I got a lot accomplished. Basically it was a non-event. I think the public seemed less surprised to see a man in a dress than in previous years. Again, however, I will say it was kind of boring. I think it would have been better if I had made a friend with someone and had someone to talk to. Regardless of that, it was a very nice experience. I hope to do it again some day.



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