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Barber Shop and Restaurant – Repeat Customer

December 18, 2014

At the beginning of leg-shaving season, I went on an outing. I wore flats, a blue jean skirt, a nice top, and my guy head. I went to a restaurant and ate lunch. Non-event. The staff chatted with me and never seemed to care about my outfit. I went to a salon where I had never visited before and had my hair cut. The woman who cut my hair commented that she could not wear blue jean skirts because of her shape and how they ride up on her. She started the conversation. I did not want to only talk about clothes and appear one dimensional, so I did not encourage the conversation that way. There were other customers, but did not pay me much attention. One customer spoke politely to me before I left.

Next, I shopped at a Talbot’s. The staff were very kind and helpful. The other customers took me in stride. It was as if men dress pretty all the time! The staff helped me find something that is hard for me to find, a dress that looked good on me!

Afterward, I shopped at a thrift store dressed as a man. I was having a hard time finding a shirt to go under a new dress I had purchased. I asked a female customer nearby for some advice. I was indecisive for a moment, but I said, “I am a crossdresser and I bought a dress that is too low cut. I need a top that I can wear under it to hide my chest hair.” I asked her if this did not make her too uncomfortable, would she help me. She was glad to help me. It turns out she was over 70 years old (I could not tell). I told her what fabric it was made of and she helped me pick a top that might work. She ended up asking her adult daughter (in her 50’s) to help. I ended up putting on the dress and showing it to them (and accidentally to another customer who passed by.) They both acted like it was no big deal helping a man put together an outfit including a dress. I bought the top. This is the outfit I wore when I went Christmas shopping this year.

After three weeks, I needed another hair cut. So, I went back to the same restaurant and the same salon. I wore a black skirt, a black top, a jacket/shell that was a deep Christmas red. Black hose and flats. Again, I always present male. The restaurant was a bit more crowded, but it was a non-event. Then I went to the salon. I went in and was the only customer. All four women were talking. I found my barber/hairdresser and she started cutting my hair. It was different this time. I was not that unusual stranger. I was that returning customer. It was very interesting. We are not friends yet, but it was much more like when I go in drab to get a hair cut. I mentioned that I was going to a work event soon. She asked what I was going to wear. I said which drab clothes and she asked, “Do you dress at work (very slight pause) like you are dressed now?” I think she paused to find her words. Perhaps she was being cautious in order not to be rude. It was so interesting! I told her that I do not dress around my work friends yet, and possibly never will. A couple customers came in while I was getting my hair cut. I paid and went on my way. My barber wished me a Merry Christmas as I left.

I am at a new phase in my crossdressing where I am comfortable making relationships with people while dressed.


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  1. Having only read a few of your blog entries, I think you have reached a rather important and amazing part of your life as a CD. I look forward to reading more about you and your outings, as well as your successes, no matter how small. Because in the end, small ones are better than none.

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