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Yet Another Haircut

January 8, 2015

Once again, I got dressed during my workday lunch and went to a salon for a hair cut.  First, I went to a Chinese restaurant where I have eaten pretty once before.  It is a bit unnerving not being able to see into a restaurant before I enter it.  I try to have my pretty lunches early to avoid crowds.  The restaurant was almost empty.  I felt rather confident because I was wearing a new outfit that I like.  I was wearing a red top, a black and beige striped maxi skirt (my first), a black long outer shell/sweater that hangs quite long on me, cute black flats, and nude pantyhose.  As I said, this is the longest skirt I have ever owned.  For some reason, I feel more relaxed in it.  Maybe it is just less dress/formal than some of my outfits.  There was nothing notable about the experience at the restaurant other than how good the food was.

After eating, I walked down the strip of stores and stopped in at a couple clothing stores for very few minutes.  None of the workers in the stores engaged me beyond saying hello.

Next, I went to the salon that I have gone to twice for my haircut.  I do not call ahead, but normally it is not a problem.  This time, they were busy.  There were women getting their hair dyed, etc. sitting around chatting while the hairdressers were helping others.  My hairdresser/barber saw me and called out my name and said that she is with someone but could help me in fifteen minutes.  It was very nice to have someone claim me after I just walked into a room full of strangers dressed like that.  Another employee offered me a place in the empty waiting area.  I went in and sat down.  No one seemed to pay me any more attention.  I was just sitting there, pretty, with my legs crossed, flipping through local magazines, listening to the ladies talking at the pretty store.

Eventually, my hairdresser seated me and cut my hair remarkably fast.  Then she washed my hair and I was done.  They charged me more this time than previously.  I think I would prefer that she remember my price over my name when it came down to it!!  I paid and tipped her.  I thought about saying something about the price.  But, I chose not to.  This pushed me toward a choice…  I am paying over twice what I pay for an equivalent hair cut at my usual, guy barber shop.  Is this salon experience worth the extra expense to me?  This sure sounds like my traditional reasoning is starting to invade my crossdressing life.  Maybe I am maturing into normal, finally!

After this, I changed and went back to work.  It was rather tough having to change.  I just wanted to keep it on and go on about my day.  Of course, I would not do that, but, I was just too happy in my clothes.


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  1. Great blog Johanne.

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