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Super Bowl Party 2015

February 16, 2015


A local crossdresser threw a Super Bowl party this year and invited me.  I realized that I could not make it.  I had too much going on that day.  I eventually determined if I was going to go, it would have to be very late.  I decided to try.  I let my wife know my plans.  She would have preferred that I not gone, but she did not refuse me.  When I got to the party, there were two other CD guests, the host, and the host’s wife still there.  This was the first time I had ever had an outing and spent time with a group of crossdressers.  (I once went to a meeting where there were transgender people, but that was quite different.)  It was nice to get to go out and not have to feel awkward about how I was dressed.  However, hanging out with other crossdressers and talking about where we shop was not very fulfilling.  My favorite part of the night was when the host’s wife, the only genetic woman in the room, joined us in conversation.  She answered a few questions about how their relationship works and how crossdressing entered it and affects it.  Getting to hear her perspective was delightful.

The most interesting part of the night was when the host’s wife made a comment about how we crossdressers want to wear skirts and dresses when we dress up.  She roughly said, “I feel just as feminine in blue jeans as I do when I dress up.”  I thought that was poignant.  I never want to be a girl.  I just like the clothes and the fabrics.  However, if they made men’s clothes out of these fabrics, I think I would still wear ladies’ wear.  I cannot explain my actual motivations.  I do not think I want to be feminine, but I do like dipping into that realm in some ways.  When I consider her comment and the other crossdressers in the room who do want to become women when they dress, I think that we share a trait.  We do not simply want to wear women’s wear.  We want to dress in beautiful women’s wear.  We want to be beautiful.

With that said, if a woman had to wear a uniform all of the time and could only dress however she chose once per month, would she wear blue jeans or something pretty?


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  1. Kit permalink

    I feel you about crossdresser gatherings. I’ve noticed that conversations do tend to be somewhat surface oriented, which is not really always very interesting. I always dig the opportunity to hang with my people, but I sometimes wish we’d talk about more than clothes or which bathroom we use.

    To your friend’s wife’s point … crossdressers get a lot of heat from women for gravitating towards very overtly femme clothes — but what else can we do? If I put on a pair of jeans, I often just look like a slightly girly dude in jeans. Even though all of my jeans are women’s jeans, I have to put on a pretty femme top and makeup if I don’t want to look relatively butch.

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