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Fast Food and a Haircut

March 9, 2015


Two haircuts ago, I went to a salon crossdressed to get my hair cut.  That was the third time I had done it in a row.  However, that time, it took a long to be seated and the haircut cost more than they usually charged me.  It made me realize that after eating lunch, getting a haircut, and tipping the woman who cut my hair, I had spent a lot of money!  Also, it made for a very long lunch break (I also drive a long way to get to this salon).

The unpleasant feeling I got from that haircut led to me getting my next haircut while not crossdressed.  I just had a hair cut at my normal place.  It was much cheaper.  It was rather nice.

When the time came for another haircut, I wanted to crossdress and do it.  This time, I decided to go to a new salon.  I went during my lunch break from work.  In order to avoid having a 2.5 hour lunch during the work day, I decided I would get some fast food and eat it in the car while driving to the salon.  I stopped on the way and got dressed in the car.  If you are new to my blog, you should know that I do not wear makeup, nor a wig, nor breasts.  I just pass as a man in pretty clothes.  I wore a grey and black top, a denim skirt that comes to above the knee, black pantyhose, and black flats.

I went to a Burger King.  I intended to use the drive thru.  However, it was very busy.  I drove around the building and looked in the windows.  It was not very busy inside.  No one appeared to be in line.  I started debating going inside and ordering my food to go.  I wrestled with this idea for a few minutes.  …I need to give some background here…

A long time ago, maybe years ago, I went out in public for the first time in shorts and dark colored pantyhose.  I was very nervous because it was the first time I had worn something obviously feminine for a non-Halloween outing.  I debated going to a Burger King then as well.  I felt a lot of fear about going to the Burger King because I thought the low-income employees would laugh out loud at me and make fun of me openly.  In tremendous fear, I did go to that Burger King.  From what I could tell, no one looked at me until I was at the counter with my legs hidden.  No one reacted.  It was a completely normal trip to the restaurant.  The one table that had customers eating at it was far away and they paid me no attention either.  It was a total non-event.

OK, back to the present…  I finally gathered my confidence and walked across the parking lot into the restaurant.  None of the customers paid me any attention.  I am not sure if the employees noticed me before I got to the counter.  The girl who took my order immediately said, “Oh, I like your pretty sweater.”  I thanked her and placed my order.  I asked her about her fake eyelashes.  She told me that she could not feel them and that she wears them for a few days at a time.  I thanked her for telling me about them and I went to get my drink.  At the drink fountain, I think some customers finally saw me.  Another employee walked up to the counter with my food and looked over to me.  The girl told him that it was my food.  There was a customer who had gotten into line behind me as well.  No negative reactions from anyone.  Once I had my drink, I went to the counter to get my food, I thanked the girl, and I left the restaurant.  I walked to my car and got in.  It was basically a non-event.

I drove to the new salon.  I got there during their lunch break.  There were no other customers in the salon.  The receptionist went back to find a stylist who was available to cut my hair.  The stylist came and got me.  I sat in her chair and she cut my hair.  There was no one else in the salon area.  Mostly we talked about hair, family, and school, but we also talked a little about clothes.  She finished my hair and washed it.  Then I paid and left.  This haircut was just as expensive as the previous salon haircut.  However, this haircut was not nearly as good.  I do not think I will go back to this salon.

Unfortunately, it is getting close to the end of leg-shaving-season.  I will not be able to go out and do this for much longer.


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